DayZ Wiki

When uploading images TRY to follow these prefixes (start of the Destination filename that you can edit on the upload page BEFORE you press "Upload file")

NOTE: 'Everyday', panoramic, assorted, allround images do not need any prefix

Please add more needed prefixes to the list!

The reason to use this prefixes is to make it more easy to find pictures in the List of Files since (atm) all files are stored in one directory.

Preferred MIME: .PNG if image is big and includes more colors than .JPG

Prefix: Items_[ | ]

For any object that is not a weapon or ammunition, that can go in the players Inventory.


Example filename: Item_Backpack_ALICE.png

Prefix: Weapon_[ | ]

Any weapon.


Example filename: Weapon_Makarov_SD.png

Prefix: Ammo_[ | ]

Any Ammunition


Example ammunition: Ammo_1866_Slug.png

Prefix: Vehicle_[ | ]

Anything with wheels

Prefix: Aircraft_[ | ]

Anything that fly

Prefix: Naval_[ | ]

Anything that sails

Prefix: City_[ | ]

Distant pictures of a city for the particular city's page in the wiki. (For towns also use the City_ prefix)


Add the compass direction (N, S, E, W, NW, NE, SW, SE......) from where the particular City is viewed, to the filename.

"City_" example:

City Chernogorsk NW

Here the filename is: City_Chernogorsk_NW.jpg

Focus is to make a picture that 'help' the player to orientate (Special features of the town AND landscape).

Prefix: Castle_[ | ]

Castles (Panoramic views)

Prefix: Skin_[ | ]

A player skin (default or looted)

Prefix: Building_[ | ]

For single buildings.


Example Filename: Building_Land_Ind_Vysypka.png