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Cette page traite de la version Standalone de DayZ. Pour des renseignements au sujet du mod, voir Statistiques des personnages

DayZ SA survivors have various stats describing the overall health of the character. Player stats are numbers representing various facets of a player's well-being.

Stat Represents
Santé The overall health condition of your character. When this hits 0, you're dead.
Sang The amount of Blood in your body. You require full Blood to be able to regenerate health.
Energie You can gain energy by by eating and(or) drinking.
Hydratation Your Thirst and can be satisfied by eating and(or) drinking.
Estomac Your stomach volume. You can only have so much food and drink in your stomach at once.
Température The body temperature of your character. Affects infection resistance.
Choc Your Shock level. Shock is caused by damage, especially to the head. Player can be 0-5000. It can be negated by wearing protective gear like helmets. Too much Shock at once, and you will fall Unconscious.