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5.45x39mm Rounds
Ammo 545x39.png
Version 1.14
Category Ammunition
Used In KA-74, KAS-74U
Size 1 Slot
Weight 4 g (0.01 lb)
Stack Size 20 Rounds
Supersonic Yes
Initial Velocity 880 m/s
Optimal Velocity 880 m/s
Air Friction -0.00125
Penetration 0.9
Deflect Angle 10°
Barrel Damage 3
Health 80
Blood 100
Shock 90
Locations Military
Rarity Unknown
Variants Tracer
5.45x39mm intermediate cartridge. Used in select rifles. — In-game description

5.45x39mm Rounds are a type of ammunition in DayZ Standalone. They are found individually, packed in boxes, or pre-loaded in magazines. Empty the box to receive 20 usable 5.45x39mm rounds.



  • The 5.45mm Round is based on the real world 5.45×39mm rounds. That were developed by the Soviet Union in 1974 specifically for the AK-74's use and largely replaced the previous Soviet 7.62×39mm Rounds. Today the 5.45×39mm cartridge is used by most Russian and several former Soviet nations for their rifles.
  • The name and design of the box seems to be a parody of Russian ammunition brand "Wolf".