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7.62x39mm Rounds
Ammo 762x39.png
Version 1.04
Category Ammunition
Used In BK-18/Sawed-off BK-18
CR-527, SK 59/66, KA-M
Size 1 Slot
Weight 8 g (0.02 lb)
Stack Size 20 Rounds
Supersonic Yes
Initial Velocity 640 m/s
Optimal Velocity 740 m/s
Air Friction -0.0015
Penetration 0.9
Deflect Angle 10°
Barrel Damage 3
Health 110
Blood 100
Shock 110
Locations Farm, Hunting, Military
Town, Village
Rarity Common
Variants Tracer Rounds
7.62x39mm intermediate cartridge. Used in select rifles. — In-game description

7.62x39mm Rounds are a type of ammunition in DayZ Standalone. They are found individually, packed in boxes, or pre-loaded in magazines. Empty the box to receive 20 usable 7.62x39mm rounds.



  • Originally developed in 1943 for the "Самозарядный карабин системы Симонова" (Samozaryadnyj Karabin sistemy Simonova) which roughly translates to "Self-loading Carbine of (the) Simonov system" (SKS). The origin of the cartridge was that the Russian Army found the 7.62x54mmR to be too powerful for the ranges battles usually were fought over - about 300 metres - and therefore adjusted the 7.62x39mm down to reduce the recoil. As the 7.62x39mm is loaded with less powder and lighter bullets than the 7.62x54mmR Rounds, its effective range is somewhat reduced. This does however also reduce recoil, which means firing 7.62x39mm faster is much easier than 7.62x54mmR.
  • The name and design of the box seems to be a parody of Russian ammunition brand "Brown Bear".