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This page covers the Standalone version of DayZ. For information on the Mod see Mod:ATC Tower

ATC Tower
Land Mil ATC Big.png
Version 1.04
Locations Vybor Air Base
Tags Military
Types Weapons/Ammo/Attachments Explosives Clothes Containers&Storage Tools&Equipment
Loot Count High
Floors 6
Entrances 5

The ATC Tower (Air Traffic Control Towers) is a unique military building found at Vybor Air Base.

ATC Updated[]

The ATC Tower, updated in 0.63, is larger and taller in profile than the previous version. Providing increased sightlines, elevation and Military loot spawns. It's ground floor has storage rooms, a workshop, a recreational room and a garage. The intermediate floors contain large outdated radio and radar equipment. The top floor contains offices, with access to the windowed control room above. A ladder outside the room provides access to the its roof. A set of ladders allows access to the control room from the ground floor outside.

Bandits with sniper rifles will often occupy the ATC Tower as a sniper nest due to its elevation and scope of view that it provides with its windowed floor. Caution is recommended.