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ATLAS bipod
The ATLAS bipod found in DayZ.
Required slots: 2 (2 × 1)
Effect on weapon: • Increases accuracy
when deloyed
Compatible with: M4A1AKM
Location(s): • Military • Residential[1]
Rarity: Rare
This bipod provides solid support for longer range engagements. When bipod is deployed and the firer is prone, weapon accuracy is increased dramatically.
— In-game description[2]

The ATLAS bipod is a bipod attachment for several weapons found in DayZ.


The bipod is compatible with the M4A1 assault rifle and AKM assault rifle. It occupies two inventory slots, two across and one down.[2] It can be attached by clicking-and-dragging it over the desired weapon.

The ATLAS bipod, when attached and deployed on a compatible weapon, will dramatically reduce the weapon's bullet spread whilst prone.[2]

The bipod is deployed by right-clicking on the weapon and selecting the option to deploy bipod. Shooting with the bipod deployed whilst standing or crouching will increase the weapon's recoil.

The ATLAS bipod can be rarely found at some military and residential type loot spawns like barracks and some houses.[1]

Image gallery

ATLAS Bipod A pristine atlas bipod.


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