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ATOG 6x48 Scope
ATOG 6x48 Scope
Category Attachments > Optics
Used By SG5-K, USG-45, M4-A1, Pioneer, DMR, LAR, SVAL, AUR AX
Size 3x2 (6 Slots)
Weight 1.3 kg (2.9 lb)
Absorbency 0
Dispersion -0.001
Type Telescopic Sight with Red Dot
Magnification 6x (Scope), 1x (Red Dot)
Variable Zoom No
Zeroing 100m - 800m (100m default)
Use Seperately Yes
Locations Military
Rarity Rare
Variants ATOG 4x32 Scope
A standardized rail-mounted, 6x magnifying scope. Designed for western designated marksman rifles. A Baraka sight is mounted to the top railing. — In-game description

The ATOG 6x48 Scope is a telescopic Sight with an illuminated reticle featured in DayZ.

Overview[ | ]

The ATOG 6x48 Scope is a 6x magnified version of the older ATOG 4x32 Scope, however this one comes fitted with a Baraka Sight as a back up red dot sight for close quarters. It also features a new reticle inspired by newer ACOG models.

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