DayZ Wiki

There are a total of 13 Achievements (Trophies on Playstation) unlockable on DayZ since they were added in the 1.0 update.

On Xbox these Achievements add to a total of 1000 Gamerscore.

Achievement Icon (Steam) Icon (Consoles) Description Gamerscore (Xbox) Grade (PS)
Bodily Needs ACH BodilyNeedsACH BodilyNeeds Locked
ACH XB BodilyNeeds
Eat and drink something. 20G Bronze
Geared ACH GearedACH Geared Locked
ACH XB Geared
Equip a firearm, a melee weapon and a backpack. 100G Bronze
Act of mercy ACH ActOfMercyACH ActOfMercy Locked
ACH XB ActOfMercy
Kill your first infected. 20G Bronze
Field cook ACH FieldCookACH FieldCook Locked
ACH XB FieldCook
Cook a steak on a stick. 100G Bronze
I'm the firestarter ACH ImTheFirestarterACH ImTheFirestarter Locked
ACH XB ImTheFirestarter
Ignite fire using a matchbox, a road flare and a hand drill. 50G Bronze
Babyface ACH BabyfaceACH Babyface Locked
ACH XB Babyface
Shave your face. 50G Bronze
Natural instincts ACH NaturalInstinctsACH NaturalInstincts Locked
ACH XB NaturalInstincts
Gut a deer. 150G Bronze
Marksman ACH MarksmanACH Marksman Locked
ACH XB Marksman
Kill a survivor at more than three hundred meters. 150G Bronze
Pacify ACH PacifyACH Pacify Locked
ACH XB Pacify
Kill an infected soldier. 50G Bronze
Heal the world ACH HealTheWorldACH HealTheWorld Locked
ACH XB HealTheWorld
Apply bandages on other survivors thirty times. 30G Silver
You have the right... ACH YouHaveTheRightACH YouHaveTheRight Locked
ACH XB YouHaveTheRight
Handcuff ten people. 30G Silver
Close and personal ACH CloseAndPersonalACH CloseAndPersonal Locked
ACH XB CloseAndPersonal
Kill fifteen survivors with any melee weapon. 100G Silver
Lobotomy ACH LobotomyACH Lobotomy Locked
ACH XB Lobotomy
Kill twenty survivors or infected with a head-shot. 150G Gold