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Adamovka (Russian: Адамовка), formerly Leshak, is a locality north of Grishino in South Zagoria, Chernarus.

General[ | ]

Despite its size, Adamovka harbours little within the deeper regions of its dense forest; a few sheds and hunting stands - useful for spotting roebuck, wild boar and goats that are known to inhabit the area - are all there is to tempt prospecting survivors into the woods proper. Keen-eyed foragers may be able to find a variety of edible fruits (in the form of apples, pears and plums) and mushrooms by scavenging the forest floor. A scattered series of houses can be found on the eastern edge of the forest, along the north-south road between Grishino and Zaprudnoye. Following the only accessway into the forest centre, survivors will encounter an isolated house along with, potentially, an M3S. Of note are the ruins of an old building in the south part of the forest, which, judging by the benches and stone ring found within its confines, evidently was frequented by civilian explorers pre-outbreak.

Adamovka's primary use for many survivors is, perhaps, to allow for concealed infiltration/exfiltration of Vybor Air Base in a relatively safe and expansive section of woodland.

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  • This location was previously named Leshak. "Leshak" is the singular spelling of Leshy, which are spirits of the forest in Slavic folklore.