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Note: this page covers the Standalone version of DayZ; for information on the Mod, see Mod:Airfields.

Airfields, also referred to as Airstrips, Airports or Airbases, are facilities from which flight operations take place. Airfields are easily distinguished by their Air Traffic Control (ATC) buildings, hangars and large runways.

Airfields have a reputation for being dangerous hives of bandit activity, which is somewhat warranted insofar as they are large, flat exposed swathes of land that suit opportunistic snipers willing to wait for someone to make themselves an easy target. That said, a healthy amount of caution and ample scouting should be enough to survive a visit to an airfield.

Previously, all airfields had a permanent military presence. However, Krasnostav Airfield was converted to a civilian airfield in 0.49, with Balota Airfield succumbing to a similar fate in 0.63, although it does retain some military value in the form of around a dozen military tents and fortifications. These alterations had a profound effect on player migration throughout the map, as it forced survivors to go further inland to acquire meaningful quantities of military equipment. In patch 0.63 Vybor Air Base was was further developed in both size and scale, and it is the only one to retain a permanent military presence.

Russian Cyrillic Latin Transliteration English Translation Grid Reference Sector Type
N/A N/A Balota Airfield 121 028 South-West Unpaved Civilian Airfield
N/A N/A Krasnostav Airfield 081 062 North-East Paved Civilian Airfield
Выборская Авиабаза Vyborskaya Aviabaza Vybor Air Base 045 050 North-West Military Airbase