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Airplane Crates are a type of loot-spawning object that can be found behind the C-130J Wrecks.

Overview[ | ]

Located in the Vybor Air Base, these crates are found behind C-130J Wrecks. There are 3 different types of crates; Civilian, Medical, and Military. Each type of crate spawns loot from their respective loot category.

Civilian Crates[ | ]

Civilian Crate
These crates typically spawn civilian-level loot such as Plastic Bottles, Canteens, and Soda Cans. They are a good source of hydration where there may not be much (if any) on the airfield.

Medical Crates[ | ]

Medical Airplane Crate
These crates typically spawn Medical Supplies, including NBC gear, making them a good spot to gather the full NBC suit.

Military Crates[ | ]

Military Airplane Crate
These crates can spawn all kinds of military loot, including 75rd KA-M Drum Mags, 60rd Standardized Mags, ammunition, and much more. They are undoubtedly the best source of concentrated high-tier loot in the airfield.