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This page contains information about a DayZ element, mechanic, or feature that has been removed or replaced.
The information on this page does not apply to the current version of the game or the content is no longer available.

Alpha:Tactical Vest
Category Clothing > Removed Clothing
Size 4 Slots (2x2)
Capacity 8 Slots (4x2)
Hotbar Bonus N/A Slot(s)
Weight N/A
Absorbency 90%
Repairable With N/A
Locations N/A
Rarity N/A
Variants Black, Olive
Constructed using heavy-duty fabrics, this tactical vest can be adjusted at the waist and consists of a number of pouches designed to hold everything a soldier requires. — In-game description

The Tactical Vest is a piece of clothing that used to be in DayZ Standalone. It was best used for close quarters combat and city exploration, as it provided ample storage space as well as limited protection from melee attacks and small arms fire.



  • This vest appears to have been removed from loot tables after clipping issues with female characters occurred, possibly because the model was ported directly from ArmA 3.
  • There was a bug where if the vest was in a ruined state and was hit by a Zombie, it would revert to a pristine state. It's unclear why this happened.