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Altar (Russian: Алтар) is the third highest hill in South Zagoria. It is located between Dwarf's Castle (to the west) and Gorka (to the east).

General[ | ]

Standing at 474m in elevation, Altar is one of the larger hills in South Zagoria - for comparison, Stary Yar is roughly 460/470m in elevation, although it falls well below Saint Roman, the highest natural point in the game, at 550m. The area is host to the Radio Zenit facility, with the main broadcasting building found a small distance from the peak to the north. Immediately to the south and south-east of the peak is a large and medium radio tower respectively, no-doubt constructed here to take advantage of the hill's elevation.

The location of this hill is perfect for defending off any form of hostility, as the peak and side of the hill gives a whole spectrum of a view. The northern road to the site has a military guardhouse, while the south-west road has a small green guardhouse. Using the Zenit Radio Station roof access as height advantage is perfect for scanning the base of the towers.

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Trivia[ | ]

  • Until 0.59, the summit of Altar was devoid except for a series of standing stones and a lone house. While their significance was unknown, they were a useful navigational aid as each stone corresponded with a cardinal direction, acting as a huge oversized compass.