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Category Food and Drink > Fruits
Size 1 Slot
Weight 125 g
Absorbency 20%
Nutritional Values
Energy 100 kcal
Water 75 mL
Stomach 1 mL
Nutritional Index 1
Toxicity 0
Locations Apple Trees
Rarity Very Common
Variants Raw, Baked, Boiled, Dried, Burned, Rotten
An ordinary ripe apple. It is still firm, delicious, and worm-free.
~ In-game description

Apple is a type of food in DayZ Standalone. They are only found spawning at the base of Apple Trees.

If one is suffering from hydration troubles, it is best to eat raw apples as their hydration level is quite decent, on the other hand, baked apples restore more hunger, boiled apples restore less hunger than a baked one but the same hydration as raw as well as more hunger than raw. Dried apples restore as much hunger as raw, but little hydration and spoils less faster.


Nutritional Information[]

Poison.jpg WARNING: Consuming burned or rotten food will make you sick.

Name Energy Water Stomach Nutr. Index Toxicity Size
Raw Apple 100 kcal 75 ml 1 ml 1 0 1 Slot
Rotten Apple 10 kcal 75 ml 10 ml 1 0 1 Slot
Baked Apple 250 kcal 75 ml 1 ml 1 0 1 Slot
Boiled Apple 200 kcal 100 ml 1 ml 1 0 1 Slot
Dried Apple 200 kcal 0 ml 1 ml 1 0 1 Slot
Burned Apple 100 kcal 0 ml 5 ml 1 0 1 Slot