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Arsenyevo (Russian: Арсеньево) is a children's summer camp located in the northern region of South Zagoria, Chernarus. The site is situated along the main Nagornoye - Severograd single carriageway, immediately north of the Red Dawn Mine.

General[ | ]

Arsenyevo is one of the most sophisticated camps in the region, host to a wide variety of buildings including military and medical facilities, along with a small pond and a water pump. The camp was clearly integrated within the bus network, having a stop outside the camp and capacity for coaches to enter and drop-off campers. A lodge is the first port-of-call for new comers and displays a daily schedule at the entrance detailing timings for activities - this would suggest that the camp was more of an activity centre rather than a camp solely for relaxation and leisure, and therefore could've been more educational in nature. The forest between the camp and Kalinovka further to the west is known to be inhabited by bears.

Survivors are drawn to the area due to hunting equipment that can be found here, including the coveted hunter backpack, hunter jacket and hunter pants, as well as various shotgun and rifle ammunition types. It is a favourite of survivors coming from the north-eastern coastal areas as it is one of the first significant areas for good loot in the northern region.

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