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Balota Airfield
BalotaAirstrip map.png
CategoryLocations > Airfields
Grid Reference049 129
A View of Balota Airfield

Note: this page covers the Standalone version of DayZ; for information on the Mod, see Mod:Balota Airfield.

Balota Airfield, also known as the South West Airfield, is a small airfield situated between Balota, to the west, and Chernogorsk, to the east.


Balota Airfield is host to a small civilian aeronautics club, making use of a single grass runway for basic take-off and landing operations. The smallest and least developed of all airfields in South Zagoria, Balota Airfield pales in comparison to its larger and more developed civilian counterpart, Krasnostav Airfield. The airfield was most likely used by hobbyists and for chartered flights transporting small numbers of passengers.

The CDF constructed temporary military fortifications sometime around the start of the outbreak, remnants of which can still be found in the present day in the form of tents and wrecked vehicles; this makes the airfield a focal point for survivors coming from the Chernogorsk area, hoping to acquire at least some military-grade items. Consequently, the area may be subject to elevated levels of traffic, and survivors should be cautious of this fact should they decide to explore the area.

Buildings of Interest[]



  • In 0.63, the airfield was converted to its current civilian configuration. The ATC tower, hangars, and military prison are all removed and replaced by civilian structures, with only a token military presence remaining in the form of tents. The concrete airstrip was also replaced with a dirt and gravel runway, making it more difficult to spot players on the airfield.
  • Prior to 0.49, the old airfield also boasted an additional three barracks on its western side and a large military camp to the south of the airfield; the barracks were replaced with ruined buildings and the large camp was moved to a forest clearing west of Myshkino.