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Balota Swamp is an unofficial location along the south coast of South Zagoria. As the name suggests, it can be found along the coast west of Balota.

General[ | ]

Perhaps the most unique coastal feature on the south-west coast, Balota Swamp holds such significance to the local area that the nearby village of Balota derives its name from it.

Being a swamp, there is naturally little loot to be found in the area; the swamp boasts one house and a few sheds. However, given its proximity to the coast there are several wrecked small boats that can be searched by survivors passing through the area. Unsurprisingly, the only animal life present in the area are the three species of fish found in Chernarus (carp and bitterlings in the swamp, mackerel and sardines in the ocean).

An extensive series of wooden foot paths provides the option to transit through the swamp without getting wet. That said the water is shallow enough for a survivor to wade through should they wish to explore the area more thoroughly. A system of metal pipes extend across the swamp to connect the ports at Balota and Komarovo, although what they would have transported is unknown. Strangely, there is a wrecked BPM bogged-down in the northern area of the swamp, with its reasons for being there a mystery.

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