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Bear Meadows (Russian: Медвежьи Луг, Medvezhi Lugi) is a meadow located south of Svergino in the Chernarussian province of South Zagoria.

General[ | ]

Accessed via an unpaved track stemming from the northern highway near Klyuch, the vast, sloping Bear Meadows at the base of Ostry would've been host to a small farming community before the outbreak, as evidenced by the various barns and pastured fields in the area. Looters will only encounter three houses, three barns and an assortment of industrial sheds in the meadow, with an off chance of finding an Ada 4x4.

Wild boar, chickens, cows and goats can still be found roaming the fields of the meadow, with roebuck and stags inhabiting the surrounding forest; contrary to what its name would suggest, the only predator found in the vicinity of Bear Meadows are wolves.

Post-outbreak, the meadow is often traversed by survivors moving from the east, via Krasnostav and its unmarked compound, to more desirable inland locations along the northern corridor of the region.

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