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A View of Berezino
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Note: this page covers the Standalone version of DayZ; for information on the Mod, see Mod:Berezino.

Berezino is a town located on the coast of the Green Sea in eastern Chernarus, south of Svetloyarsk.


Due to its sprawling layout, this town can be more time consuming to loot than its southern counterpart Elektrozavodsk. There is sometimes less available loot in the buildings here than in the other cities due to the high amount of traffic passing through.

There are three deer stands in the area surrounding Berezino; all of them are in open fields and not along a treeline where deer stands are commonly found. The first is directly north of the hospital, in the field north of town. The second is directly east of the hospital, in the field between the main part of town and the highway on the coast. The third can be found on the field east of the hospitals, north of the farms.

The most dangerous places are points of interest, such as the police station, evacuation site, or water pumps.

Buildings of Interest[]



  • In real life Berezino is a city in the Minsk Province, Belarus.
  • Berezino is inspired by Malšovice in Czech Republic.
  • A picture of Berezino in 1980 can be found on a billboard in various schools