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The Bird Archipelago is an unofficial name for a group of islands off the coast of Kamyshovo. The archipelago consists of four islands: Otmel, "Swan Island", "Gull Island", and "The Nest". Otmel is the only island with an official name and the only one to spawn loot.

Otmel[ | ]

Otmel is the largest and most westerly island of the archipelago. It has a single house, a small industrial shed and a boathouse.

Swan Island[ | ]

"Swan Island" is the unofficial name of the southernmost island. It provides a good view of the southern side of Kamyshovo and is thus regarded as a good location for snipers.

Gull Island[ | ]

"Gull Island" is the unofficial name of the easternmost island. This island has the best view of the road and railroad east of Kamyshovo and often gets used as an outpost by players guarding the town, or as a sniper spot by bandits.

"The Nest"[ | ]

"The Nest" is a tiny island located west of Gull Island and north of Swan Island. Barely more than a rocky extension of Gull Island, the Nest provides a very limited amount of cover (a few bushes and some rocks) and is not considered a very good position to hold Kamyshovo from without backup on the other isles and/or the mainland.