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Черный Залив
Chernyy Zaliv
Black Bay
CategoryLocations > Landscape
Grid Reference075 123
A View of Black Bay

Black Bay is a large body of water located in the south-central portion of South Zagoria, south of Prigorodki.


Black bay is one of the larger bays that can be found in the region, officially stretching from Cape Golova to the southern tip of Prigorodki Docks. However, when players use the term "Black Bay" they are most likely referring to the general body of water in-between the two bends in the coast by Chernogorsk and Elektrozavodsk.

A large swamp can be found starting along the north-east shoreline of the bay and ending just before the train tracks and main road between Chernogrosk and Elektrozavodsk. A large peninsula juts-out from the northern end of the bay and serves as a natural breakwater for Prigordoki Docks; a shipwreck similar to the one found off the coast of Skalisty Island can be found wrecked ashore here, possibly running-aground while attempting to enter the harbour.

Given that the area is home to many player spawns and the high footfall on the main road, encounters with others are a likely occurrence.