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The Black Forest (Russian: Черный Лес, Cherny Les) is a large conifer forest in central Zagorie, Chernarus, near the towns of Gorka and Polyana.

General[ | ]

Encompassing a huge remote swathe of Chernarussian countryside, the Black Forest consists primarily of pine trees, with smaller clusters of birch trees found throughout the wood. A stream meanders from a small pond through the forest, past Dolina and into Solnechny - a useful navigational aid should one become disorientated whilst venturing into deeper areas of woodland.

The forest is mostly inhabited by Red Deer and Roe Deer, with varieties of cattle and goat sometimes found near the forest edge migrating from the fields between Gorka, Polyana and Shakovka; wolves are sometimes active in the region, something travellers should factor into their route when traversing the Black Forest. Remnants of deer stands and feed shacks, constructed by huntsmen active in the area pre-outbreak, can be found scattered along the treeline of the forest.

Survivors may stumble across a lone residence in the centre of the forest while exploring the area - situated in a clearing, the residence consists of a two-storey house, some sheds and a small orchard; an Ada 4x4 and M3S may be found nearby.

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