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This location does not feature in either ChernarusPlus or Enoch (Livonia Terrain) and is only referenced by in-game maps, road signs and items.

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Green Sea Region

Map of the Green Sea region, showing the Black Mountains between Chernarus and Russia.

Not to be confused with Black Mountain.

The Black Mountains are a mountain range in the Green Sea region of Eastern Europe[1] - they act as a natural barrier and have influenced the border between the Russian Federation and Republic of Chernarus.

General[ | ]

The Black Mountains stretch along a large section of the Russo-Chernarussian border, segregating South Zagoria from the rest of the Zagorie region which has been under Muscovite control since the 11th and 12th Centuries.[2]. The Burnaya River flows from Russia through/past the Black Mountains before ultimately merging with the Svetlaya River and depositing into the Green Sea by Novigrad. The mountains may have even influenced the name of modern Chernarus (Black Russia).

While the mountains themselves are not accessible to survivors, the Black Mountains can be easily seen from the east Zagorian coast or any elevated vantage point in the region, such as the radio tower at Altar; several peeks can be seen in the range that would tower over the comparatively insignificant Saint Roman, the tallest hill in South Zagoria.

The silhouetted Black Mountains are located in a northerly direction, corresponding with their geographical location as seen on full maps of the Green Sea Region. Consequently, they can be used as a crude navigational aid for navigating South Zagoria.

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  • The Black Mountains are seen in-game via the 3d skybox, and is used as a navigational marker to guide lost players.
  • The Black Mountains were originally seen in Arma 2 as a background skybox texture, but were removed in DayZ Standalone at an unspecified date prior to its early access release in late 2013. On August 1st, the first content patch for version 0.63.147957 was released[3], and the long removed skybox texture was brought back by senior level designer Adam Franců.
  • The exact texture seen in Arma 2 was reused in the current version of DayZ

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