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Bleeding man
Type Injury
Effects Blood Loss
Duration 5 minutes
Causes Wounds received from Injury
Treatment Bandage Wound, Stitch Wound

Bleeding is a type of injury in DayZ.

Cause[ | ]

Bleeding is caused when a character is wounded from an injury. While a character is bleeding, they lose a certain amount of Blood per second until the wound is bandaged, stitched or clots on its own after 5 minutes. How much Blood is lost depends on the severity and location of the wound. Characters can also sustain multiple wounds, with each wound causing additional blood loss. In the event a Survivor receives multiple wounds, each one will have to be bandaged or stitched to completely stop the bleeding.

Characters can be wounded anywhere on their body with the location of the wound largely affecting the amount of Blood lost from bleeding. Typically, wounds to the hands or feet will cause less blood loss than wounds to the arms and legs, which themselves cause less blood loss than wounds to the head and torso.

Effects[ | ]

Wound Severity Locations Blood Loss*
per minute
Total Blood Loss
Minor Hands, Feet 36 180
Moderate Arms, Legs 216 1080
Severe Torso, Head 360 1800
Clot Time: 5 minutes

*Values are approximate averages and depend on several other factors

Treatment[ | ]

Treating a wound with Rags, Sewing Kits, Bandanas or Bandages will stop the bleeding. If the used item is not disinfected, the survivor might contract a Wound Infection. These items can be disinfected by using Alcoholic Tincture, Disinfectant Spray or Iodine Tincture on them. Letting the bleed to clot on its own bears the highest chance of infection.