• LegendFPS

    Status Report - 10 Dec 2015

    December 10, 2015 by LegendFPS

    A new status report has just been published!

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    • Full report
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  • Atom Spark

    Hi. I'm a DayZ SA player like you, and I am going to give you a list of the things you SHOULD and SHOULDN'T do if you want to live for more than 30 minutes in DayZ SA. (Keep in mind that, like DayZ SA, this is not finished and is a work in progress.)

    1. DO help people if they are friendly.
    2. DO find stuff of course. (Pristine/worn is preferred)
    3. DO fix damaged/badly damaged items if possible.
    4. DO stay warm in high altitudes, but a little bit cool in lower altitudes.
    5. DO check areas for zombies/players.
    6. DO kill zombies and/or players only when absolutely necessary.
    7. DO check blood types before performing a blood transfusion.
    8. DO avoid bandits/hostile players if possible.
    9. DO go on BattlEye servers.
    10. DO become a stealth player at day and night.
    11. DO make a base some…

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  • El Tea Couch

    Greetings Survivors!

    Lets start out this week by recapping what was shared via the Official Forums, and Dev Hub.

    Andrej our Sound Designer shared some work in progress versions of the new infected sounds over on the development board. The ones shared are obviously only the male infected sounds, but are give a good representation of the direction the sound department is headed with their side of the new infected work.

    Dev Hub - WIP Infected SFX

    As well, Andrej, Peter, and myself headed down south to Moravia to visit an open air shooting range with the Arma sound team. New sound effects for a wide array of weapons were recorded for both titles. Obviously a good deal of work will have to be done to prepare them for use within each title, but it i…

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  • El Tea Couch


    We live in the future people. 2015 looks to be a pretty awesome year for DayZ, I'd like to kick off this months Status Reports by talking a bit about how the team has settled in during our first week back, as well as some awesome points of inspiration for us.

    First off, I was forwarded a link to Eternum Pictures DayZ fan film - which has some outstanding emotional points about friendship, and loss. The loss that the main character in this fan film experiences is something that resonates with me. I can recall how it felt to meet, befriend, and then lose a stranger in my early DayZ mod days. As the option to instantly respawn after death somewhat limits this experience, it brought to the discussion table some server options that we've ha…

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  • El Tea Couch

    So here we are, last few weeks of December for the Christmas break. The 0.51 update to stable branch has had enough time to mature and reveal any critical bugfixes that need to be addressed for 0.52. With 0.52, the focus is on issuing bugfixes, incremental systems updates, and several new bits of content. One of the ongoing issues we've been focused on bugfixing with 0.52 is client and server crashes. Having spent a significant amount of time these last few weekends playing on stable branch servers I for one can attest to how frustrating these can be as a player. Especially the server crashes. In addition, as work on the central economy continues - there have been extensive cases on public hive servers with users abusing bugs to duplicate…

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  • El Tea Couch

    Now that 0.51 has reached stable branch we've had the pleasure of watching how the survivors of Chernarus interact and experiment with its content and mechanics. Be it player to player interaction through the extension of the meat harvesting systems, or traveling together across the map in search of a V3S. For now the team is focused on critical bugfixes and server side performance optimization for 0.52 midway through December (due to the upcoming holiday season).

    For me, the first two quarters of 2015 hold a great deal of excitement.

    The last year has had a large amount of work ongoing behind the scenes that effect gameplay, and playability for a significant part of the active Early Access userbase. As someone that has spent over three thou…

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  • El Tea Couch

    November and December are busy months for DayZ. Coming up next week we’re aiming for the 0.51 update to stable branch, we have the conclusion of our Private Shard contest, and of course.. the initial implementation (at a very basic level) of wheeled vehicles into stable branch. It is important that when hunting for/fueling/driving these new base model V3S trucks across Chernarus you understand the limits, base functionality, and placeholder status of much associated at this time with the vehicle.

    • The V3S is not tied to the persistence system at this time, so when it restarts - it respawns.
      • Yes, worry not vehicles will save, just not at this time.
    • Much of the animations are in progress, we hope to greatly improve the visual immersion versus le…
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  • El Tea Couch

    Player Interaction is arguably the cornerstone of what makes DayZ magical. Be it friendly or hostile, direct or at a distance - the interactions between players within Chernarus is what makes the world come alive without a structured narative or reason to be. The drive to stay alive, and survive in itself compels the player to create their own story by way of the journey. You see the stories told through pictures, forum posts, youtube videos, and twitch streams all over the internet. As we move towards our Christmas break, making those experiences be as fluid and enjoyable as possible on a development build is a personal goal for the team. Server performance, and security fixes rank just as high as the remaining content and feature additi…

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  • El Tea Couch

    Now that 0.50 has rolled out to stable branch, the focus of the team shifts to the incremental roll out of 0.51 for November’s monthly stable branch update. As with any monthly stable branch update, this comes with several new features, functional changes to existing systems, and its own unique collection of bugs and general game play issues. Those who encounter any frustrating blockers to their gameplay experience on either stable or experimental branch are encouraged to utilize the DayZ feedback tracker at

    Looking towards the 0.51 update and the Christmas break, in addition to the obvious feature and functional goals - Server side performance is paramount. Addressing critical issues and blockers in releasing 0.50 on…

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  • Malkintent

    What server am I on?

    November 18, 2014 by Malkintent

    One issue I have never liked about Dayz UI is that there is currently no way to see your server.  Sure you can open your dayzprofile and find it, but that is a hassle.

    Being an amatuer coder I wrote a utility that does this for me.  I recently submitted it to CNET, and according to them, after 11/20/14 it can be found by searching "DayZ" or "DayZ Last Server".  It is a lightweight utility that basically does only one thing - shows you the server you were most recently connected to or are on.

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  • El Tea Couch

    As 0.50 is pushed to stable branch today, it is important that survivors understand a few key points about this latest update in the DayZ development cycle. 0.50 and features specific to this update, as are as always - very early prototypes. While we do iterate weekly on experimental branch servers for both functional, and gameplay reasons many systems behave very differently when exposed to the much larger audiences on stable branch. Additionally, as we blaze ahead towards our end of year goals we will see performance server side bounce back and forth. We here on the DayZ development team endeavor to finish off the year with not only the additional features mentioned in last weeks status report, but with a healthy and steady server perfo…

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  • El Tea Couch

    Greetings Survivors,

    Over the next few weeks you will hopefully begin to see some small (but effective) changes to how the Status Reports, Dev Streams, and DayZ website are laid out. In order to facilitate this, the traditional format of our dev streams will change and the Status Report will begin to focus more on the tech side of DayZ, as well as the existing discipline soap boxes, and stand up notes. The DayZ website will soon feature an "Early Access" calendar covering our intended experimental and stable branch updates, play sessions, dev talks, special events, and consumer show attendance.

    That aside, this week hopefully sees the release of 0.50 to Stable Branch on steam. Paired with the recent support of private shards for consumer ren…

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  • El Tea Couch

    The subject of the central economy has been one of varied opinions within the community. The idea of centralized control over both rare items, and quantity control over more common items of loot is very polarizing. As we look towards the remaining months left in 2014, the team has been discussing our intended goals and level of functionality desired from the loot spawning system, and the central hives’ control over it. As the current behavior for the spawning and respawning of loot is a placeholder system and the limits of this form are very visible when observing the current behavior on experimental branch servers we have outlined the following goals for the final functionality with the programming, and design teams:

    • Control over quantity …

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  • El Tea Couch

    This week we'll talk about infected AI, and our plans for the next few months regarding these systems. Looking forward towards our October stable branch update (0.50) and on-wards to the November update we plan on slowly implementing the next iteration of A.I. for the infected into our experimental and later stable branches. The intent with this iteration is focused on several key points for gameplay:

    Stealth as a viable method of tactics vs infected A.I. Vastly reduced range-of-vision Smaller corner to corner cone of vision Infected hearing ability refactored to compliment stealth as viable gameplay method The impact of the intended new behavior extends past the obvious gameplay areas and into server performance and navmesh compliance. As …

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  • El Tea Couch

    With the experimental branch updates on 0.50 rolling out this week, Raist and Eugen have worked together to deploy additional data tracking methods that should aid fine tracking and design adjustment related to player movement. Previously the team had focused most of our data tracking methods on loot distribution, spawning, and so forth - as we move closer towards the deployment of vehicles, expansion of existing persistent objects, and the central loot economy we will continue to use experimental branch and official stable branch servers to guide the design of gameplay mechanics via player movement, death, and camp analysis.

    The above image shows the concentration of player deaths within a 12 hour period on one Experimental Branch 0.50 ser…

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  • El Tea Couch

    Over the last week (and throughout the next few) a good deal of work has been done to gauge current server side performance, player and AI limitations, and the immediate steps required to increase the current limits. In tandem with work done with BattlEye, our game server provider partners, and our internal security team we have also continued work addressing immediate security concerns and ways to mitigate them in order to provide an enjoyable player experience.

    Players will begin to see these appear in the following ways:

    • Experimental Branch will begin operating at 50 players per server
      • With the short term goal of deploying this to stable branch servers as well
    • Experimental Branch will deploy and test new forms of detection from BattlEye
    • Over…

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  • El Tea Couch

    Over the last week core members of the development team have been focused on investigating, and addressing server and client crash issues introduced with 0.49. These include issues with the processing of persistent objects on server initialization, player rag dolls, and the clean up of trash (expired) objects. In addition, the programming team continued their work on addressing exploits related to rapid player position updates. (Sliding/Teleporting)

    As these updates make their way to stable branch we are also working with our game server providers to put the finishing touches on the systems needed to properly support the renting of private shards of the central DayZ hive. As mentioned in previous status reports, this option will continue th…

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  • El Tea Couch


    This is the topic of this week’s status report. As we move forward with development on DayZ past 0.49 and into 0.50 this is one of our primary focuses. Throughout our Alpha and Beta phases the core engine that powers DayZ is created. During this process new engine functions are introduced, deprecated functions are removed, and the general nature of how a great deal of systems operate can completely change. Within normal closed development this would not be an issue, however developing DayZ in the open and updating the primary branch with any reliable frequency can leave us vulnerable at times.

    Individuals focused on identifying, and exploiting vulnerabilities during the development process -will- find holes. No amount of closed tes…

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  • DemonBoii


    August 15, 2014 by DemonBoii

    Does anyone know when Driveable Vehicles are going to be added? Its kinda irritating not being able to drive and having to walk everywhere It literaly took me 2 days to get to NE because I dont know the map of by heart :P

    This is not a blog where im whining and crying for it to be added soon I just made this to ask.

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  • Farmboy102

    CHANGELOG: Stable - 0.46.124490

    Known Issues:

    • Crash caused by Fireplace kit in players Inventory
    • Character cloning
    • Player can look through walls
    • Zombies are spawning on spot of their death
    • Player is stuck in building after reconnect
    • Player cannot respawn properly when he has drowned
    • Shadow related client FPS drops
    • When restrained in unconscious player stays in restrained state till he reconnects


    • Actions: You can sort out good ammunition from a ruined stack
    • Animations: New reload animations for Longhorn and a second reload for the Crossbow.
    • Animations: New reload for B95 double rifle.
    • Animations: MP5K reload Animations
    • Animations: Added aimed pose for sitting with rifle.
    • Animations: Drinking from pond and well.
    • Loot: Added MP5 with magazines

    • Loot: Added…

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  • Farmboy102

    As I start off this blog I want you to keep in mind this is only MY opinion. Different people have different opinions and share different experiences so I believe each to his own.

    A lot of people keep moaning about DayZ standalone being broken, buggy, uninteresting and the list goes on. I shouldn't need to remind those people that the game is still in alpha state. I believe bohemia is working hard at getting the game up to player standards but those said players are still not pleased. 

    My opinion on DayZ standalone is this.

      §  Bug Fixes:

             1.    Zombie AI behavior - I know they are working on it and I am glad to know it is main priority

             2.    Melee weapons not doing enough damage, it would seem that the only decent melee weapon i…

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  • Ajkebb

    I was playing today, my charter was near the sea so I went for a swim after a bit I come back in and my charter keeps swimming on land, another example of a glitch I had a morphine auto injector and I accidentally injected instead of pick up and I changed to my gun and I injected my gun, so I lost my sks to my skin. Please comment a glitch you have had.

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  • Alex Lioce

    Melees Ideas for DayZ

    March 23, 2014 by Alex Lioce

    Here are ideas for some weapons that they could add for the game, DayZ.

    • Pickaxe: Due to having a sharp and blunted end, it could be necessary for a Pickaxe to happen. Like the Fire Axe, it functions the same, but maybe can switch between sides of the pick.
    • Mining Pick: I know this would fall under Pickaxe, but the difference would be for this is the Mining Pick has both sharp pointed ends and possibly can be used as both weapon or tool. Like the Pickaxe, it's functions could be based off of the Fire Axe, but can switch sides of the Mining pick.
    • Metal Baseball Bat: Since we have a Baseball Bat, why not medal? I was thinking this could be the same as the normal Baseball Bat, but more damage increasement.
    • Frying Pan: This can be necesarry, maybe …

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  • LegendFPS

    A new stable update has been released for DayZ.

    Titled 0.42.116181, it weights in at just under one whole gigabyte and will be automatically downloaded by Steam. It includes many, if not all, of the changes listed in the previous experimental builds plus new food items.

    Some of the more notable changes include:

    • A simple respawn mechanics for zombies
    • A new town called Chernaya Polana and surroundings
    • Farming hoe, Sporter 22, CR75 and many other weapons from experimental 0.37/0.42 added
    • Completely new two-handed melee animations
    • And much more...

    Full changelog: 0.42.116181. Source:

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  • LegendFPS
    Retrieved 19 March 2014

    Weekly Report:

    A step into survival

    Another week for the team pushing towards a stable release. We considered releasing a version to stable branch mid week during maintenance, however there were still two serious issues to fix. The first was related to the testing architecture not being suitable for the large number of servers we were supporting on experimental, and the second related to the invisible zombies and players.

    Invisible players and zombies

    Fixing the invisible players and zombies was a product of moving to the client/server architecture but retaining some legacy aspects of the architecture. To solve this we have been hard at work continuing to revise the way the game works. A workaround we have implemented is…

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  • LegendFPS
    Retrieved 12 March 2014

    Weekly Report:

    Smashing Bugs for 0.37

    This week saw us start our “survival” gameplay focus. This means most of our gameplay development focus is on refining the survival aspects of the game. We detailed some of the initial work for this last week.

    Trying to get 0.37 to stable

    Our main focus this week was to deploy a new version of the game to stable branch. We have two public “branches” of code, stable and experimental. A deployment to stable branch of the latest version of the game was scheduled for Wednesday, however we were not happy with some of the issues that remained.

    Three major code changes have been occurring. We have been changing the way collision works to solve a number of bugs, such as shooting while prone c…

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  • Ajkebb

    The death of dayz

    March 4, 2014 by Ajkebb

    Body's lay in fields, loot lays everywhere All those that spawn in all meet the same fate Some people fall, others get shot The fallen often stay there to get robed of their loot The dayz waste land strips the player bare Manny treack the land looking just for some food But what they get is a slowly, painful death The waste land is not fair

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  • LegendFPS

    A new developer blog has been uploaded by Dean Hall on YouTube. Titled DayZ Devblog 24 February 2014, the latest devblog has Dean talk about several new features related to the game engine and server that the developers are working on implementing including lighting, physics, desync issues, zombie spawns and more.

    Dean discusses how the developers are keen to work on lighting from both a visual and gameplay perspective. Notability enabling flashlights (called beamlights) to work during daytime. Dean notes how the HDR (High dynamic range) needs significant tweaking before it is ready to be fully implemented for all players in-game.

    Moving on, physics has been an exciting feature for the developers to implement in-game that has not existed prio…

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  • LegendFPS

    A new experimental update has been released for DayZ!

    Experimental update 0.37.115791 is the latest version on the experimental branch. It introduces new items, features and fixes.

    Some of the most notable changes include:

    • New ballistic helmet variants
    • Ability to catch rain into canteen and waterbottle
    • Ability to use the can opener as a melee weapon
    • New melee weapon, the "Farming hoe". See Tweet by Chris Torchia

    The full changelog can be read here. Source: DayZ Forums - Pending Changelog: Experimental Branch: 0.37.115791.

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  • Crookster30

    Just Starting Out

    January 1, 2014 by Crookster30

    Hello, I'm Crookster30 and I'm from the United Kingdom.

    I decided to join this Wiki because I saw that many of the medical items pages we none existent, I then started by creating pages on the; Bandage, Rags, Injection vial and Antibiotics, as well as editing other medical pages.

    I believe that I am 'qualified' enough to provide information about medical items in DayZ due to my experience on both the mod and the Standalone so far.


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