Blood Bag Kit
Blood Bag Kit
The Blood Bag Kit found in DayZ.
Category Medical SuppliesTransfusion
Required slots 1 (1 × 1)
Location(s) First Aid Kit
Rarity Uncommon
Variant(s) Blood Bag IV
Absorbency 0%
Class name(s) medical_bloodbag_empty
Melee range 0.8m
Swing time 0.5 secs
Uses 1 (100%)
Blood Bag Kit
A sterile medical bag for collecting blood. Contains CPDA Solution which prevents coagulation of blood. Contains everything required to collect whole blood donations.
— In-game Description


The Blood Bag Kit is a Transfusion item found in DayZ. It can be held in the players hands or put into a players inventory taking up a 1 x 1 slot. It's found in First Aid Kits as well as Medical, Military and Residential areas and is uncommon. The Blood Bag Kit is also non-absorbent.

Drawing blood

To draw blood from a player having the following is recommended/required:

  • 1 × Blood Testing Kit (highly recommended)
  • 1 × Blood Bag Kit
  • Two players - a recipient and a donor

To draw/donate blood:

  1. One player uses the blood bag kit to draw blood from the other player.
  2. Use the blood testing kit to test each player's blood for compatibility See: Blood types. Transfusing with incompatible blood will cause a hemolytic reaction.
  3. Continue to Infusing blood when ready.

Infusing blood

To infuse blood to another player, having the following is recommended/required:

To infuse blood:

  1. Combine the blood bag with the IV start kit to create a Blood Bag Kit.
  2. Use the Blood Bag Kit to transfuse 1,000 blood into another player.
  3. If compatibility was checked using a blood testing kit, the recipient should not be suffering from a hemolytic reaction.

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