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Blood Collection Kit
Blood Bag Kit
Category Medical
Size 1x2 (2 Slots)
Weight 100 g (0.22 lb)
Absorbency 0%
Locations Medic
Rarity Uncommon
An empty bag for collecting blood directly. Contains anticoagulants to extend usefulness of the collected blood. — In-game description

The Blood Bag Kit is an uncommon medical item that can be used for blood transfusions. The use of the kit does not require the presence of two players. You can however donate blood to the same blood type. Procedures on collection and tranfusion are explained in the sections below. Blood donors will lose 500 mL blood but will regenerate that amount at a decent pace if they are well energized and hydrated.

Filled blood bags may bear risk of infecting recipients with disease if the blood originates from a sick player.

There are two variants of the blood bag; 1. Empty - requires a donor to fill it with blood, 2. Filled - contains blood, requires an attached IV Start Kit to be ready-to-use.

Collection Procedure[ | ]

Requirements[ | ]

  • Blood Test Kit - A blood test should be performed to check for compatibility; players that receive blood of an incompatible type will experience potentially fatal Hemolytic Reaction. For more information about blood compatibility, see Blood Transfusions.
  • Blood Collection Kit - The bag which will be used to hold blood while transferring it between players.
  • 1 donor

Instructions[ | ]

  1. The donor and recipient should each have a blood test performed on them using a blood testing kit. This is to check for compatibility between the two players. If compatible, proceed to Step 2.
  2. The donor must take the blood Collection Kit into hand and use it to make a blood Bag. The donor will lose 500 blood.
  3. Follow delivery procedure below for applying a blood transfusion.

Transfusion Procedure[ | ]

Requirements[ | ]

Instructions[ | ]

  1. Combine the filled blood bag with an IV Start Kit and it will turn into an IV Blood Bag, now it may be injected into the recipient player.
  2. The player performing the transfusion must take the IV Blood Bag to his hands and use it. The recipient will receive 500 blood.

Crafting[ | ]

Blood Bag IV
Blood Bag IV

Media[ | ]