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Bogatyrka is an afforested village established in the west of Chernarus.

General[ | ]

The hamlet of Bogatyrka is one of the most rural settlements in the country. It is surrounded by dense woodland and small in land area. The isolated dwelling of Galkino to the west of Bogatyrka is often encompassed in perceptions of the area; with the nearest established and marked town being Zabolotye. The terrain in this area is mountainous, with rock faces and jagged cliffs surrounding the village; it is fairly quiet, with sparse traffic from Survivors.

Bogatyrka, as a village, is the gateway to Krona, one of the largest castles of its kind in national heritage sites. The buildings also offer some considerable items due to the infrequent travellers. Galkino - its neighbour settlement - contains a water pump and a small workshop tower.

The area also has considerable proximity to the western highway evacuation site.

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Trivia[ | ]

  • The settlement was implemented during the release of beta, alongside Zvir and Zabolotye.
  • Bogatyrka (Богатырка) is the name of a few villages in the Ukraine and Russia.
  • The name Bogatyrka is believed to be derived from the Russian 'Bogatyr ', referring to the Don knights of the time.