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Bolshoy Kotel (Russian: Большой Котел, translated as "Big Cauldron") is a large, rocky mountain due west of Summer Camp Metallurgist and Tishina Dam. Bolshoy Kotel is 310m at its maximum elevation, making it the 21st highest mountain in South Zagoria.

General[ | ]

Bolshoy Kotel offers little in terms of loot, but is still a worthwhile trip due to the beautiful scenery the site has to offer. From atop its rocky mounds, survivors have a clear view to the south and east due to dead trees near the top of the mountain not possessing any foliage to block lines of sight. The only access way to the mountain is in the form of a red difficulty hiking trail that leads most of the way up the mountain, with a small hiking shelter found near the top offering the only loot that can be found on the mountain itself. Myshkino Military Camp can be found roughly 800m north-east, although survivors will struggle to find a view of the camp from much of Bolshoy Kotel.

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