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Brain Prion Disease
Type Disease
Symptoms Uncontrollable Laughter,
Causes Cannibalism
Prevention Avoid consuming human remains
Treatment None

Brain Prion Disease, commonly referred to as Kuru or "The Giggles", is an incurable neuro-degenerative disease in DayZ.

Cause:[ | ]

Survivors in DayZ can become infected with abnormally folded proteins (Prion Proteins) that cause Brain Prion Disease by consuming (un)cooked Human Steak, (un)cooked Fat, or Guts harvested from Survivors corpses.

Once infected: this infection will result in Brain Prion Disease in approximately 30 minutes.

Symptoms:[ | ]

  1. Tremors - resulting in shaky hands whilst aiming down sights of weapons.
  2. Random outbursts of laughter audible to other nearby players.

Prevention:[ | ]

  • Avoid the consumption of (un)cooked Human Steak, Fat , or Guts from Survivors where possible.
  • Do not eat Raw or Cooked Fat if you are not sure of the origin.
    • Be wary of players offering you these food items without verifying the source.
  • Cooking the Human Steak or Survivor Fat first does not prevent contracting Brain Prion Disease.

Kuru is incurable.

Trivia[ | ]

  • As of .63, the crying symptom has been removed and only laughing will be heard.
  • Brain Prion disease is based off of Kuru a Prion disease formally common in the Fore People of Papua New Guinea, who partake in funerary cannibalism. It is contacted from consuming human flesh infected with prions mainly the brain. However some differences from DayZ's brain prion disease is in reality it is terminal usually 3 months to a year after infection slowly causing loss of all motor control and basic functions like swallowing and standing.