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Brass Knuckles
Brass Knuckles Silver.png
Category Weapons > Melee
Type Blunt
Repairable With None
Size 1x2 (2 Slots)
Weight 142 g (0.31 lb)
Fragility 0.002%
Absorbency 0%
Type Normal Heavy
Health 13 17
Blood 0 0
Shock 15 34
Standing Sprinting
Range 1 2.8
Bleed Chance 0%
Locations Town, Village
Rarity Common
Variants Dull, Shiny
Effective hand-to-hand weapon, easily concealed from unattentive enemies. Makes for nasty surprise afterwards. — In-game description

Brass Knuckles is a type of blunt melee weapon in DayZ Standalone. Although they do little damage compared to other melee weapons, they are quite hard to see when equipped in a player's hands, making them extremely useful when you are being robbed or need to neutralize a player without killing them.



  • Brass knuckles were popular with gangsters and street fighters during the 1920's.
  • Brass Knuckles are also known as "poing américain" (French for Lit. American fist), "puño americano" (Spanish for American fist), "knogjärn" (Swedish for Knuckle iron) and "Nyrkkirauta" (Finnish for Fist iron) .
  • Many combination weapons have been made featuring Brass Knuckles, Including the Infamous U.S 1918 Trench Knife and French "Apache" Revolvers.