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Brena is one of the largest towns in Livonia and can be located in the most northern-central region of the map. A variety of buildings can be found in the city and are a focal point for fresh spawns.

General[ | ]

A hostile and desolate place, Brena is one of the few locations in Livonia that seemingly faired well against the Infected. The town is home to a militarized Police Station and multiple roadblocks that attract Survivors and Bandits. With the majority of buildings condensed at the center of the city with some Water Pumps and a Police Station, most interactions are in this area. A four-way intersection south of Brena creates a choke point for Survivors' searching for military gear. A Military Tent with some shipping containers can be found there. This intersection is a crossroad between Brena, Gliniska, Sobotka, and Kolembrody.

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