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Category Weapons > Melee
Type Blunt
Repairable With None
Size 2x8 (16 Slots)
Weight 4 kg (9 lb)
Fragility Unknown
Absorbency 0%
Type Normal Heavy
Health 5 10
Blood 0 0
Shock 10 15
Standing Sprinting
Range 1.6 2.2
Bleed Chance 0%
Locations Civilian
Rarity Uncommon
Variants Birch Broom
A cleaning tool consisting of stiff fibbers attached to, and roughly parallel to, a cylindrical handle, the broomstick. Mostly used to clean floors, also useful for getting rid of spider webs and scaring away animals. — In-game description

The Broom is a type of weapon in DayZ Standalone. It can also be used as a Torch for a source of light, or broken into sticks.

Action Details
Ignite The broom can be ignited using Matches or other fire source to create a Torch
Split The broom can be broken into Short Stick and Long Wooden Stick