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Camp Builder (Russian: Строитель, Stroytel) is a small summer camp in the south-central area of South Zagoria. The camp is situated at the end of a quaint dirt track, and, due to the surrounding forest, is easy to miss unless actively sought-out. The little hill of Kalmyk and small pond of Ozerko can be found to the north-west of the camp, and to the immediate north is the small village of Mogilevka.

General[ | ]

Found nestled in the hills north of Dubovo, Camp Builder possesses modest facilities compared to other camps in South Zagoria, consisting of four camp houses, a well and a clinic; a small assortment of picnic tables can be found to the rear of the camp along with two sheds. The camp has rather poor fencing, making it somewhat easier to stealthily enter the camp. Pre-outbreak, the purpose of the camp was likely to educate children in outdoor pursuits such as hunting, fishing and orienteering.

Due to its proximity to Chernogorsk, survivors often loot the camp with the hope of acquiring useful survival equipment early-on. 

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