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Description[ | ]

Cable Reel
Category Equipment
Repairable With Electronic Repair Kit
Size 3x4 (12 Slots)
Weight 5 kg (11 lb)
Absorbency 0%
Locations Industrial
Rarity Common
A spoil of electrical wire with sockets and plugs, used to connect various electrical components.
~ In-game description

A spoil of electrical wire with sockets and plugs, used to connect various electrical components.In-game description

The Cable Reel is a type of equipment in DayZ.

It is used to connect other electrical items to a Power Generator for an extended range of 15 metres.

Usage[ | ]

There are 3 main area's of interaction with the Cable Reel:

  • The cable that connects to the power source
  • Socket on the Cable Reel to connect devices to
  • The handle to place or re-position the Cable Reel

To make use of the Cable Reel you need a power source like the power generator, and a device that requires power, like a construction light.

The Cable Reel by itself requires no other items or tools to be placed/attached to a power system.

Items besides the Power Generator that can be connected with Cable Reel are:

To connect a Cable Reel to a power generator, simply hold it in your hands and look at a power generator. An option to connect should show up.

Then place down the Cable Reel to a suitable location.

You can see if it is within range of the power generator by looking at the wire on the reel itself when you are in placement mode.

If it goes into the ground and not a lot of wire is left on the reel, it is close enough. If it still looks rolled up, then it is too far. In the gallery below and in the video demonstration you will see examples of this.

Tip: You can daisy chain reels to extend the range of your power by 15 metres each time.

  • After testing, it is clear that the cable reels have no limit to the amount of chains allowed. This was tested with 50 cable reels, daisy chained over a distance of ~680 meters, and the Construction Light still recieved power. It is, however, unclear if there's actually a limit.

Only 1 item can be connected to a Cable Reel however, so it does not work as a power splitter.

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