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Тихий Залив
Tikhiy Zaliv
Calm Bay
CategoryLocations > Landscape
Grid Reference013 132
A View of Calm Bay

Calm Bay is a large coastal inlet found west of Kamenka.


Given the distance from the nearest survivor spawn points at Chernogorsk, Calm Bay is relatively little-trafficked when compared to other coastal features found in South Zagoria. A supermarket can be found near the apex of the bay (the only one to be found outside of a settlement), along with adjoining fuel facilities. Wolf Peak, a small mountain with a radio tower that overlooks the bay, can be found to the north-west. However, the major draw to the area is in the form of a medium-sized evacuation site found on the main road leading to the south-west. Beyond this lies the procedurally generated debug plains, and the end of any exploration west.

It should be borne in mind that the area is the only coastal region to have the possibility of bears nearby - survivors unprepared to encounter this threat may choose to travel along the road, coast or forest in-between to guarantee their safety.



  • Called Bay Tikhaya before 1.0.