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Calm Bay (Russian: Тихий Залив, Tikhiy Zaliv) is a large coastal inlet found west of Kamenka

General[ | ]

Calm Bay is relatively little-trafficked when compared to other coastal features found in South Zagoria. A supermarket can be found near the apex of the bay (the only one to be found outside of a settlement), along with adjoining fuel facilities. Wolf Peak, a small hill with a radio tower that overlooks the bay, can be found to the north-west. However, the major draw to the area is in the form of an evacuation site found on the main road leading to the south-west towards Miroslavl'.

It should be borne in mind that the Calm Bay area is the only coastal region to be inhabited by bears - survivors unprepared to encounter this threat may choose to travel along the road, coast or forest in-between to guarantee their safety.

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