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Canopy Tent
Version 1.08
Category Equipment
Repairable With Sewing Kit, Duct Tape
Size 36 Slots (36x)
Weight 10 kg (22 lb)
Absorbency 0%
Capacity 150 Slots (150x)
Locations Town, Amusement Park
Rarity Unknown
A canopy, often seen at farmers' markets. With some camouflage, it makes for a decent hideout. — In-game description

The Canopy Tent is a type of equipment in DayZ Standalone. Added in patch 1.08.


The Canopy Tent when set up is a tent capable of high storage capacity, making it a relatively useful storage container to establish a larger base with.


It can be entered and therefore used as a small house or base. When inside the tent you're protected from rain and coldness. When placed, its 6 doors can be opened and closed individually.

A Camo Net and a set of Xmas Lights can be attached to the Canopy Tent. The Canopy Tent comes in 4 variants: white, blue, brown and a checkered red/yellow Luna Park variant.


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