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Note: this page covers the Standalone version of DayZ; for information on the Mod, see Mod: Krutoy Cap.

Cape Krutoy (Russian: Мыс Крутой, Mys Krutoy, translated as "Cape Steep") is a forested peninsula protruding into the Green Sea out of the very south-east corner of mainland South Zagoria. The cape is south of Three Valleys and lies to the east of Kamyshovo.

General[ | ]

The cape is a possible player spawn point, with many survivors generally passing through the area to get to either Kamyshovo or Solnechny. Three small houses can be found near the road that roughly defines the boundary of the cape, with a wrecked bus and mass grave found in the neighbouring forest. On the extreme south-eastern tip of the cape is a lighthouse, presumably constructed to warn vessels of the many shipping hazards found in Skalisty Strait. "Paradise Rock", an unofficially named island, can be found directly off the south-east coast.

Just south-west of the cape lies a swamp, sometimes referred to as "Krutoy Swamp" for lack of a better name; present is a denser concentration of wrecked fishing boats than usual, potentially offering essential survival equipment in the form of dry bags or fishing hooks.

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  • Called Krutoy Cap before 1.0.