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Car Battery
Category Equipment
Repairable With Electrical Repair Kit
Size 2x2 (4 Slots)
Weight 10 kg (22 lb)
Absorbency 0%
Vehicle(s) Ada 4x4, Gunter 2, Olga 24, Sarka 120
Locations Work
Rarity Uncommon
12V rechargable car battery, usable in cars. It can be used to power other appliances, if connected properly.
~ In-game description

The Car Battery is a crucial vehicle component in DayZ Standalone. Without a battery, you cannot start the engine.

Each engine start drains a portion of the battery (amount to be confirmed), it can be recharged using a battery charger.

Since 1.12, the Car Battery will now also recharge while the engine is running. Additionally, a car battery is required to power the field transceiver. While attached to a vehicle, the Car Battery will be drained if the lights are left on.