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Car Tent
CarTent Packed.png
Category Equipment > Group Storage
Repairable With Sewing Kit, Duct Tape
Size 10x5 (50 Slots)
Weight 20 kg (44 lb)
Absorbency 0%
Storage Specs.
Capacity 10x50 (500 Slots)
Attachments Camo Net, Xmas Lights
Lifespan 45 Days
Locations Industrial
Rarity Extremely Rare
A large tent, spacious enough to shelter a parked vehicle or a pile of equipment.
~ In-game description

The Car Tent is a highly sought after tent in DayZ Standalone. Boasting the largest amount of storage space of all the Storage & Tents, the Car Tent is even capable of housing a vehicle inside of it.


When packed, it looks similar to the Large Tent.

It can be entered on foot, and vehicles can drive inside it and park, which makes it somewhat less visible to other players. The front flap of the tent can be opened and closed by looking at it, or through right clicking on the tent in the inventory screen.

To dismantle it, make sure that its inventory is empty and perform the action on the bag inside.


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