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Note: this page covers the Standalone version of DayZ; for information on the Mod, see Mod:Castles.

Castles are locations of historical significance found throughout South Zagoria - they remain today as beacons for navigating, places of shelter, and sources of loot.

The history of Chernarus is notably characterised by castles, keeps, and fortresses, built at the turn of the 11th and 12th centuries by Duke Kozlov for the means of protecting strategically important sites which were often attacked from the sea and northern neighbours.[1] With some exceptions, castles constructed during this era all have a similar configuration; an outer wall encompassing a Bergfried tower, with stone bastions and archways. Most castles have been repurposed as tourist attractions for the modern era, complete with wooden access stairs, kiosks, and lodges.

A notable exception is Storozh, which was used by the Chernarussian Government as a prison up until the outbreak, evidenced by infected wearing prison uniform.

Russian Cyrillic Latin Transliteration English Translation Grid Reference Sector Facilities
Чертов Замок Chertov Zamok Devil's Castle 068 038 North
Гномский Замок Gnomskiy Zamok Dwarf's Castle 074 062 Centre
Ключ Klyuch Key 093 019 North
  • Small Fortress Ruin
Крона Krona Crown 013 060 West
Рог Rog Horn 112 110 South-East
Сторож Storozh Watchman 026 140 South-West
Ворон Voron Raven 134 120 South-East
Золотарь Zolotar Goldsmith 102 033 North-East
Зуб Zub Tooth 065 097 Centre