This article refers to the Chernarus terrain only. For the Livonia variant, see Livonia:Settlements.

Settlements are built-up, named and road-connected communities found across the South Zagoria region of Chernarus. Settlements are one of, if not thee most, popular sources of loot amongst survivors; settlements tend to experience varying levels of survivor traffic based on their size and facilities, and are often a critical component of navigating the abandoned region.

Types of Settlements

Settlements come in varying sizes and forms, from isolated rural mountainous villages to sprawling urbanised coastal towns - these are listed in descending order:

Icon LargeCity.png Major Town The largest and most sprawling urban settlements, typically characterised by churches and a town hall. Major towns also tend to have their own regional importance, with military facilities and high foot traffic being commonplace. e.g. Chernogorsk
Icon Town.png Town A paved and established settlement, larger and more diverse in loot than a village, but may lack the amenities of major towns. Tend to feature a police staion or medical center. e.g. Krasnostav
Icon Village.png Village Villages are abundant and a Survivor favourite. Villages feature an assortment of houses and ocassionally a general store, and are less-travelled than their larger counterparts. e.g. Mogilevka

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