This page covers the patch notes for the standalone version of DayZ. For information about the mod version of DayZ see: DayZ Changelog

Weekly server maintenance
As of 5 February 2014, DayZ servers will have a weekly maintenance period lasting three hours every Wednesday at 0700 GMT. [src]

This changelog will list all of the patch notes for DayZ.

Current stable branch


Release: 10 Dec 2015

New Vehicles/Parts:

  • Civilian Sedan
  • Offroad Hatchback
  • Transit Bus
  • Bus Wheel
  • Bus Double Wheel (2x Bus Wheel)
  • Bus Hood
  • Bus Left Door
  • Bus Right Door
  • Car Battery
  • Civilian Sedan Driver Door
  • Civilian Sedan CoDriver Door
  • Civilian Sedan Back Left Door
  • Civilian Sedan Back Right Door
  • Civilian Sedan Hood
  • Civilian Sedan Trunk
  • Headlight / Headlight Box
  • Offroad Hatchback Driver Door
  • Offroad Hatchback CoDriver Door
  • Offroad Hatchback Hood
  • Offroad Hatchback Trunk
  • Offroad Wheel
  • Sedan Wheel
  • Spark Plug
  • Truck Double Wheel (2x Truck Wheel)
  • V3S Driver Door
  • V3S CoDriver Door
  • V3S Hood

New Weapons:

  • CZ61 Skorpion
  • Red 9
  • VSS Vintorez

Other New Items:

  • 10 Round Clip (9mm)
  • 10 Round VSS Mag
  • 20 Round CZ61 mag
  • Blue-coloured Berries (new model)
  • GP5 Gas Mask
  • Great Helm
  • Lab Coat
  • M18 Smoke Grenade (red, white, yellow)
  • Nurse Dress (blue, white)
  • RDG2 Smoke Grenade (black, white)
  • Red 9 Buttstock
  • Red-coloured Berries (new model)
  • Rocket Aviators (new model)
  • SP-6 Rounds / SP-6 20 Rounds rounds box
  • Spear (Craftable)
  • Ssh68 Helmet
  • Torch (new model)
  • Wardrobe (world container) (only usable in OldUI)
  • Waterproof Bag (green, orange, yellow)

New Mechanics:

  • Barrels can now be punctured with a knife to create a Barrel with holes.
  • Barrel with holes can now be filled with kindling and firewood and used as a fireplace.
  • Cooking Pot can be attached to Barrel with holes and used for cooking. (lid must be closed)
  • Double Wheels (Truck) can be separated with a Lug Wrench.
  • Empty vessel animation added. (pour out container)
  • Hotkey slots are now numbered.
  • Improvised Ashwood Short Bow must now be manually reloaded after every shot.
  • It is now possible to chamber a bullet and then attach a magazine. (i.e. 1+5 rounds for CR527 Carbine)
  • Items no long require player interaction before they begin to despawn. (This is a HUGE improvement to the CLE, as you see MANY more items along the coastline)
  • Manual transmission is now implemented. (shift gears using "Q" and "E" keys by default)
  • Pistols now spawn with their slide back to indicate that they are empty.
  • Refueling now requires you to look directly at the gas-cap of a vehicle.
  • Snaploaders (i.e. 5Rnd Clip) now load ammunition into the gun's internal magazine and do not stay attached to the gun.
  • The number of available hotkey slots is now limited, and the number available increases depending upon what clothing you are wearing. Each piece of clothing has an assigned value of "quick bar bonus" that adds that number of slots to what you have available.
  • Tripwire can now have a grenade attached to it. (not yet functional)
  • Vehicle body panels (door, hood) can be removed using a Wrench.
  • Vehicle wheels must be removed using a Lug Wrench. (with exception of Transit Bus)
  • V3S can now carry two individual Truck Wheels behind the cab that do not take up general inventory space.
  • Zombies have a distinct sound when swinging at a player to strike them.

Updated Locations:

  • Berezino
  • Northwest corner (future Tisy Military Base site)

New Enterable Buildings:

  • Corner house
  • Grain storage (silo) building
  • Gray brick factory building
  • Industrial crafting station
  • Industrial workshop
  • Lumber mill
  • Red brick factory building
  • Wooden shed
  • Yellow church


  • 300 Rnd Ammo Box is now known as Ammunition Box.
  • 7.62x39mm Rounds and .45ACP Rounds are now spawning in non-military areas.
  • Aspect ratio is now set automatically based on your display's resolution and users do not have the option to set it manually.
  • Burlap Sack is now only 1 slot.
  • Motorbike Helmet and Gas mask can no longer be worn together.
  • Network communication optimizations. (80% reduction in network messages, reduced size of network messages)
  • Repeater internal magazine capacity reduced from 11 rounds to 7.
  • More processes have been changed to x64 (64-bit) for improved server performance, intended to reduce desync.
  • Weapon sway has been reduced.
  • Zombies reintroduced in large numbers.


  • AK Handguard Rail does not accept attachments.
  • Bear Traps and Land Mines are not persistent.
  • Car Tent does not fit in V3S inventory.
  • Cooked meat (including fish) makes you sick.
  • Certain firearms do not fit inside tent inventories.
  • Clothing and Equipment that has been repaired does not always display properly updated condition.
  • Crafting fertilizer in a barrel does not produce enough to use in tanning pelts into leather.
  • Duct Tape does not despawn over time.
  • Error message upon loading game: "Confirmation of Changes -- Bad vehicle type B_762x51_Ball_Five"
  • Fireplaces can be moved on the ground by dragging them around in the inventory screen.
  • Fireplaces continue to glow long after they have burned all their fuel.
  • Firing a gun may only produce the associated noise and visual effects to the person firing, appearing to other players as though the gun had not been fired.
  • Fish Net Trap consumes an entire stack of Netting when crafted.
  • Fish Net Trap degrades condition without use.
  • Forcefeeding another player Human Steak makes yourself sick.
  • Forcefully unlocked doors allow zombies through despite the door still being "closed".
  • Fuel gauge in V3S always shows empty.
  • Game crashes after painting Blaze 95 with Spraypaint.
  • Gas Mask (old style one) is able to be equipped with the Ballistic Helmet.
  • Handcuffs show as pristine condition on the ground regardless of actual condition.
  • Improvised Ashwood Short Bow disappears when crafted if player already has a weapon.
  • Items in a vehicle's inventory are unable to be transferred directly to another vehicle or person; items must first be put on the ground.
  • Items showing on the ground on main menu screen.
  • Izh 18 Rifle has no sound to other players but can be heard by the person firing it.
  • Liquid containers and some stacked items are not updating percentage/quantity of contents properly.
  • Placing hot food in your inventory may quickly kill you.
  • Players are able to exit a wrecked vehicle without opening the door first.
  • Players "swimming" on land.
  • Police cars spawning twice in one spot.
  • Reloading a primary weapon (i.e. rifle) requires that weapon to be in your inventory or on your back. (new UI only)
  • Scopes equipped to rifles may disappear when the rifle is painted with Spraypaint.
  • Splint uses more than one rag when crafted.
  • Steyr AUG equipped with Silencer NATO produces the wrong sound when fired.
  • Tire Repair Kit can not repair Double Wheel Tires.
  • Truck Battery or Glow Plug are unable to be installed on V3S when top row of vehicle inventory is in use.
  • Truck Wheels on V3S are automatically repaired on server restart.
  • UMP45 cannot be equipped with a flashlight.
  • Vaulting a fence with a weapon in your hands results in dropping the weapon.
  • V3S engine behaves erratically when vehicle becomes stuck.
  • V3S sometimes starts without glow plugs.
  • V3S will sometimes tip over at very low speeds on uneven surfaces.
  • V3S works even with a ruined Glow Plug and/or Truck Battery.
  • Vehicles unable to be refueled unless engine is running.
  • Weapon handguards are unable to be removed or swapped out.
  • Wrong description for some versions of leather hat, leather vest, leather jacket, and leather moccasins.


  • ACOG scope has no crosshair in damaged state.
  • Barrel with holes despawns after 30 minutes. (not being counted as persistent)
  • Barrel interaction is buggy when barrels are placed into trees/foliage.
  • Bear Traps not spawning.
  • Cooking Pots filled with water cannot be stored inside another container.
  • Drinking from a cooking pot with an item in it will get you fully hydrated.
  • Emptying a vessel such as a Canteen is not always successful.
  • Items may be seen and interacted with in the inventory screen even when they are on another floor of the building.
  • Items sometimes disappear.
  • The Kashtan Scope is bugged.
  • Key bindings for hotbar items may sometimes be lost when player logs in and out of the game.
  • Land Mines are not spawning.
  • The MP5 Front Sights are bugged.
  • Persistence is not functioning properly Villayer has made an announcement this was on their end.
  • Players cannot look up in a realistic manner video.
  • Players may be unable to remove vehicle parts. (old UI only)
  • Players using a Walkie-Talkie may be heard all over the map even after you have dropped your own radio. Solved by logging out and logging back in.
  • Reloading is bugged, in some cases there is no animation or sound for reloading.
  • Various issues with the actual process of reloading.
  • Scopes on weapons may appear to have missing textures when looking through them.
  • Vehicles may move on their own when parts are removed from them.
  • Wheels randomly disappear off vehicles while driving bug report.
  • While harvesting fruits/vegetables grown via horticulture, they may disappear if you do not have room for them in your inventory.
  • World Containers are only accessible with -oldui.

Previous versions

0.58.129488 (hotfix)

Release: 14 Sep 2015

This patch is a hotfix intended to address issues with the Stable release of 0.58.129143 in regards to loot cleanup and player camps. It does not introduce any new features or changes to the game, only fixes.


Release: 26 Aug 2015

New Things:

  • New zombie attack sounds
  • New enterable garage (building)
  • New enterable military barracks (building)
  • New enterable pump station (building)
  • New enterable transformer vault (building)
  • New smoke/particle effects for Road Flare
  • Car Tent
  • Crossbow Holosight (now has range values)
  • Epinephrine (new damaged model)
  • Glow Plug
  • Mackerel
    • Mackerel Fillet
  • Minsk Refrigerator (world container)
  • Oil Barrel (full availability)
  • Tire Repair Kit
  • Tripwire (now able to be crafted and deployed)
  • Truck Battery
  • Truck Wheel
  • UMP45 (full availability)
    • 25Rnd UMP45 Magazine (full availability)
  • USMC Pants (Woodland, Desert)

New Mechanics:

  • New Inventory UI
    • Work-in-progress; accessible using Steam launch parameter "-newui"
    • Includes previously shown menu screen, new inventory screen, and new in-game player list
  • New 3rd Person Perspective (3PP) camera is back in
    • Use "Q" and "E" keys to shift over-the-shoulder view from left to right or vice versa
  • Major changes to vehicle mechanics
    • Repair is now necessary to operate V3S (wheels, glow plug, and battery for now)
    • VS3 now has an inventory, including dedicated slots for necessary parts
    • Wheels can now be removed from V3S individually, can be popped by damage, and visibly show as popped
  • Unpacking boxes of ammo or nails now gives paper in addition to standard contents
  • Clothes now can only be torn into Rags with a sharp object (knife, ax)
  • A fire can now be built inside fireplaces in houses
    • Fireplace must be compatible (chimney, fireplace grille required)
    • Smoke will spout from the chimney outside when a fire is lit in the fireplace
    • Cooking is possible using a Cooking Pot
  • Matches can now be combined
  • Many items will now become wet just like clothing
  • New Humidity status indicator: "Drenched"
    • Serves as the new highest level indicator: Damp -> Wet -> Soaked -> Drenched
  • Fish Net Trap can now be used to catch Mackerel (saltwater) and Carp (freshwater)
    • Mackerel can be prepared into Mackerel Fillets using a knife
    • Trap can be repaired using Duct Tape
  • Animal lard can now be cooked and safely eaten
  • Pumpkin slices can now be cooked
  • AK Handguard Rail can now be painted green with Spraypaint
  • Dying of clothes is now possible in the Oil Barrel
  • A Cooking Pot with water in it displays a percentage to indicate how full it is
    • Cooking Pots now require 2L of water to fill completely
  • Clothing must be removed from the player's body and emptied of all items before it can be wrung out when wet

New Locations:

  • N/A

Updated Locations:

  • N/A


  • Komarovo re-added as a spawn point
  • Persistence is now ON for barrels, trucks, and tents
  • Ammo Box now has a size and capacity of 8 slots
  • Animal AI will now roam in herds
  • Improvised Backpack and Improvised Leather Backpack now require 3 Wooden Sticks
  • Survivors now spawn with a Road Flare instead of a Chemlight


  • Map-wide global "ghost sounds" should no longer occur (i.e. opening a can of soda)
  • Items in hands may be dropped when vaulting
  • Infinitely stacking inventory containers and other container abuse
    • Able to fit firearms and ammo in Flaregun
    • Vests used for storage inside other containers
    • Gas Stoves being stacked inside of one another
  • Open cans of food become stuck in the floor/ground
  • Unable to tan animal pelts with Garden lime even when there is a sufficient amount
  • Land Mine does not explode and/or cause damage when detonated
  • Zombie ragdoll physics causing issues when they are run over by a vehicle
  • Zombies can pass through closed doors
  • Inventory displaying clothing and weapons in the order they are picked up
    • Items may be lost when logging in and logging out due to rearranging of inventory
  • Issues with door sounds on V3S
  • Unable to use a firearm after taking it from another player
  • Bear Trap does not work on zombies
  • Torch fails to render flames
  • Cooking Pot does not cool down over time
  • Raincoat is unable to be repaired with Leather Sewing Kit
  • Chest Holster is unable to be repaired with Leather Sewing Kit
  • Some shoes are unable to be repaired with Leather Sewing Kit
  • Vests are unable to be repaired with Leather Sewing Kit
  • Canvas Pants are unable to be repaired with Sewing Kit
  • Unable to set up Land Mine
  • Swapping one melee item with another will cause the dropped item to stand upright
  • Suppressor East not fitting correctly on AKS-74U
  • Multiple quick hotbar key presses causes character to be unable to drink from wells
  • Cannot hold/use items in hands
  • Tactical Bacon does not seem to affect your hunger
  • Bayonets do not give the option to chop sticks/get kindling
  • Batteries not spawning
  • MP5 Buttstock not spawning
  • Sounds reversed on doors
  • Unconsciousness bugged; player non-responsive to treatments, no status feedback when help is administered
  • Nailed Baseball Bat disappears after a few seconds when placed on the ground
  • Roof of the office building in Berezino is invisible when in 3PP
  • Items inside tents do not show quantity
  • FPS drops when you put items inside other items (and inside other items, and so on)
  • Attachments disappear from M4A1 when gun is painted using Spraypaint
  • Crossbow creates light when shooting in the dark
  • Longhorn shows ammo as .308mm instead of .308 inches
  • Cooking Pot on Fireplace is accessible from a distance using inventory view
  • You cannot switch hotbar items while there is something in your hands
  • Zombies pause and rotate side to side prior to attack
  • Problems with reloading a weapon by dragging and dropping ammunition in the inventory screen (new prototype UI only)
  • Moving anything over compass in inventory calls an exception (new prototype UI only)
  • Cannot run while accessing inventory (new prototype UI only)
  • Cannot climb ladders (new prototype UI only)
  • Items with variable quantities do not display their stored quantity (new prototype UI only)
  • Unable to respawn via in-game menu (new prototype UI only)
  • Unable to connect to servers (new prototype UI only)
  • Combat Knife is invisible when placed into Military Boots (new prototype UI only)

Known Issues:

  • Cooked meat will sometimes make players sick
  • Fuel gauge in V3S always shows empty (except when viewed from outside the truck)
  • Fireplace continues to glow without fuel until server restart
  • Fireplace will sometimes disappear soon after being created
  • Garden plots will sometimes disappear soon after being created
  • Incorrect character animations at the Main Menu
  • Error message pops up when quitting the game
  • Some crafting functions for the Oil Barrel not working properly
    • Barrel cannot be emptied or filled
    • Leather items disappear when attempting to dye them
    • Tanning a Cow pelt in a barrel makes the fertilizer and cow pelt disappear
  • Liquid containers and some stacked items are not updating percentage/quantity of contents properly
  • Handguards and foregrips cannot be removed or modified
  • Interacting with a Cooking Pot does not give an option to "View Contents" while attached to a Fireplace
  • Weapon attachments sometimes appear invisible in 3rd person perspective
  • Doors showing as opened or closed when they are actually the opposite
    • Door open/close sounds sometimes heard when doors are not being interacted with
  • "False duplicates" of items may be shown in your inventory view requiring re-log to correct
  • All clients involved in a gunfight may not hear all proper gunshot sounds
  • Camps with multiple tents may experience issues interacting with items
  • Cannot access vehicle inventory (new prototype UI only)


Release: 10 June 2015

A big thanks goes out to the community for the creation of the changelog! If anyone was ever in doubt, your feedback and support for DayZ is immensely valuable for the development!

As always, we will be watching server data, and the feedback tracker for any potential severe issues and will address them accordingly with a hot fix. For any bugs/issues you run into, please let us know by filing it on the feedback tracker:

New items:

  • 7.62x54mmR Rounds (new texture)
  • Butane Canister
  • Candle
  • City maps (re-added)
  • Fish net trap
  • Fox
    • Fox pelt
  • Hand drill kit
  • Hunting jacket (Autumn, Winter, Summer, Spring, Brown)
  • Hunting scope
  • New ice hockey stick
  • Improvised rope
  • Izh 18 Rifle
    • Sawed off Izh 18 Rifle
  • Kashtan C-1 scope
  • Long wooden stick (replaces Ashwood Stick)
  • Meat tenderizer
  • Medical scrubs (Blue, Green)
  • Mess tin
  • Oil barrel (Blue, Green)
  • Pistol scope
  • Pumpkin slices
  • Radio
  • Red 9
    • Red 9 buttstock
    • 10 round magazine (9mm)
  • SP*6 rounds (9x39mm)
  • SVD
    • SVD 10 round magazine
  • Torch
  • Tripwire (not yet functional)
  • UMP45
    • 25 round UMP45 magazine
  • VSS Vintorez
    • 10 round VSS magazine
  • Winchester Model 70 Alaskan
  • New school building
  • New road barrier objects and structures

New mechanics:

  • Infected can now have their legs broken
  • Infected will crawl when they have broken legs
  • Player limbs can now be "bumped" and "chipped" before becoming fractured or broken
  • Putting something in your hands now removes it from that slot in inventory
  • Inventory system has been remade; putting something in your inventory will place it on the top, the second equipment below it and so forth
  • Rebalancing of infected damage threshold
  • Meat, fruit, and vegetables are now able to be skewered and cooked over a fire
    • Meat becomes cooked (and eventually burnt)
    • Fruit and vegetables become dried
  • Propane canisters now have a percentage
  • LongHorn is now able to be used without a scope
  • Crossbow holosight can now be placed on the LongHorn
  • Placing a lit fireplace in your inventory will set the player on fire
  • Fireplaces can now be lit using a Hand Drill Kit
  • Pumpkins can now be cut into pumpkin slices
  • Mixing water and disinfectant now creates a pesticide usable on plants
  • Various new actions with the Oil Barrel
    • Combining guts and plant material in a barrel creates fertilizer
    • A barrel with water is now required to tan pelts into leather
      • Clothing made of cloth or leather can now be dyed using natural supplies (bark, berries)
  • Armbands can now be created from Rags
  • Long wooden sticks have now replaced Ashwood Sticks and changed properties
    • These can be put on your back like a melee weapon
      • They are pre-sharpened and can be used to cook meat or fruits/vegetables over a fire
      • A knife can be used to cut one of these from a tree, and they can be broken down into 3 Wooden Sticks
  • Items in the environment (not in someone's inventory) can now become damaged
  • Compass now shows direction from within the item hotbar
  • Can no longer exploit the FoV whilst zoomed in (FoV doesn't change when looking through a scope)
  • Changes to the 3PP camera mode
  • Improvised Rope can now be crafted from stacks of Rags
  • Earthworms can now be obtained by digging the ground with any type of Knife
  • A stone oven Fireplace now requires 8 full-sized Stones
  • Torch can be crafted using a Wooden Stick and a rag
    • Option to add resin by interacting with a tree with the Torch in your hands
  • Fish Net Trap can be crafted using Metal wire and Netting
  • Guard houses are now enterable
  • Transformer vaults are now enterable

New animations:

  • Carrying a barrel
  • New animal animations (eg. sitting)

New locations:

  • Hillside Village near Kamensk

Updated locations:

  • Berezino
  • Chernogorsk (new school building)
  • Elektrozavodsk (new school building)
  • Gorka
  • International Airfield (NWAF)
  • Kabanino
  • Military Base (Kamensk) (underground areas removed)
  • Novaya Petrovka (new school building)
  • Settlement near Sinistok (updated w/ pond)
  • Severograd (new school building)
  • Stary Sobor (Evacuation Site added)
  • Tisy
  • Turovo
  • Zelenogorsk (new school building)
  • Road barriers scattered around streets and roads around Chernarus


  • Central Loot Economy re-implemented
  • New inventory back-end
  • Redistribution of infected spawns (to high-population areas)
    • Total number of infected per map increased from 1100 to 1240
  • Skalisty Island added as a spawn point


  • Fixes to Infected movement
  • Pumpkins into hands bug
  • Lower body disappearing after rolling on the ground
  • Rubber arms when throwing items
  • Animations of "making a garden plot" and "digging tile" missing or just glitching
  • Landmine bug when taken into hands
  • V3S occupant sitting behind the cabin
  • Sick status from infected wound incurable
  • Tree collisions obstructing path of V3S
  • Several duping methods fixed
  • Bug causing character to be Starving and Dehydrated upon login
  • Sewing kits making items pristine
  • Suicide animation speeds up search for apples, berries, etc.
  • Crosshair disappears, tracks weapon sway
  • Item in Plate Carrier with Pouches and Gun Holster disappears while switching it with another item
  • Complete Plate Carrier set - inventory not sortable or moveable inside
  • Putting bayonet on M4A1 with improvised silencer
  • Adding holster to platecarrier+pouches removed inventory of vest
  • Chemlight can be used to ignite fireplace
  • Chemlight equips like a flashlight
  • Cannot produce redacted seeds (cut out seeds) from plants
  • Failing to light a fireplace due to lack of safety uses up a single match
  • Fish cannot be cooked in campfire/stove
  • Invisible fireplace upon relogging
  • Plate carrier pouches cannot be repaired
  • Skinning chickens no longer produces feathers
  • Trigger sound of weapons can be heard over 200 meters
  • Door cannot be closed
  • Bugfixing on per-item quantity control (Central Loot Economy)
  • Desync improved
  • Improvised Ashwood Short Bow bugged
  • Blaze is getting ruined quickly
  • Pistol suppressor on CR75 does not sit in correct spot
  • JoeyX sunglasses spawning again
  • Bolts Quiver spawning again
  • 12 Gauge Slug shells are spawning again
  • Ballistic Helmet and Gas Mask can be equipped together again
  • Spinal fractures should be fixed now
  • Green Paramedic Pants and Paramedic Jacket are spawning again
  • Painting a gun will "lock" up gun in inventory and magazine detaches itself and disappear
  • Logging out/in with a weapon in your hand makes it immovable
  • Small Lake north of Polesovo bugged
  • V3S drives without wheels
  • Can't get into V3S
  • Struggling to swim over new trench to Prison Island (invisible wall)
  • Zombies dont see through chain link fences
  • Items in hands get moved to inventory when character starts to swim
  • Invisible food
  • Batteries not discharging
  • 3PP camera clipping issues
  • Attachment optics cannot be used as stand alone pieces for zooming

Known issues:

  • Dynamic events spawning at the same locations
  • Server crash issues
  • Client crashes when disconnecting/shutting down game
  • Character drops weapon when vaulting while double carrying guns
  • Axe disappears when chopping down trees
  • V3S launching off ground when hitting Infected/players


Release: 1 April 2015

As always, we will be watching server data, and the feedback tracker for any potential severe issues and will address them accordingly with a hot fix. For any bugs/issues you run into, please let us know by filing it on the feedback tracker:

New Items:

  • Bear Trap
  • Landmine
  • .308 Ammo
  • Oak bark
  • Birch bark
  • Chainsaw readded

New Mechanics:

  • New Zombie AI (combat/roaming behaviour)
  • Horticulture Update
  • Cooking Update (visual cooking states)
  • Stealth
  • New Animal AI
  • Central economy
  • Fireplace Update
  • New Icons
  • Player control changes
  • New Crosshair
  • Diseases
  • Increased Zombie Count
  • Changed Zombie Spawns
  • New idle animations (main menu)
  • New UI (main menu) (use -newui switch to try it out)
  • Forced Persistence
  • Weapon rebalancing
  • Zombie Rebalancing

New Animations:

  • Lot of new animal animations
  • Total rework of Zombie animations

New Locations:

  • New camps


  • Road improvements
  • Grassland improvements


  • New Sensors
  • New Zombie Controller
  • New Zombie Physics
  • Noise system


  • Vehicle bugfixing
  • Zombie bugfixing
  • Animal bugfixing
  • and a lot more!

Known issues:

  • Visual bugs in zombie animations
  • Sound issues with zombies
  • A rare server crash
  • Items not spawning at proper places


Release: 4 Mar 2015

This patch was a hotfix intended to address numerous issues (such as crashing) with the Stable release of 0.54.126645. It did not introduce any new features or changes to the game, only fixes.


Release: 25 February 2015

As always, we will be watching server data, and the feedback tracker for any potential severe issues and will address them accordingly with a hot fix. For any bugs/issues you run into, please let us know by filing it on the feedback tracker:

New items
  • Improvised suppressor.
  • Water Pouch.
  • Bone Hook.
  • Bone Arrow.
  • Pile of bones.
  • Carrier plate with attachable holster and pouches.
  • Blood bag now gives and takes twice as much blood.
  • FN Trombone.
  • New animals.
  • V3S Cargo version.
New mechanics
  • You can craft improvised suppressor using water bottle and duct tape.
  • You can craft bone hook out of pile of bones.
  • You can craft bone arrow out of pile of bones and improvised arrow.
  • Weight added to all items and clothes.
  • Caliber of ammo affect suppressor degradation.
  • Horticulture -Potato plant and its growing process.
  • You can dismantle the FN Trombone.
  • Continuous consumption and item use prototype.
  • Items now shows only rough estimates about its weight and volume of containment.
  • Cooking mechanics changes.
  • Fireplace mechanics changes.
  • Fluid mechanic tweaks.
  • Blood mechanic tweaks.
  • Weapon degradation.
  • Suppressor degradation.
New animations + audio
  • Placeholder SFX for improvised suppressor (standard suppressor SFX).
Reworked locations
  • Devil's castle.
  • Pik Kozlova.
  • Black & Willow Lakes.
  • Bor village.
  • Quarry near Solnichny.
  • All old rocks models have been removed and replaced with new ones.
  • New spawn tags added to all buildings.
  • Degradation values set for pistols, rifles and silencers.
  • Blood regeneration nerfed.
  • Pouches for vest is now displayed properly in hands.
  • Suppressor position on Longhorn while reloading.
  • Message when loading ruined ammo.
  • Spliting stone using pickaxe will give you smaller stone with correct damage state.
  • You can no longer use mace for cutting raincoats into armbands.
  • Mace can no longer be used for skinning.
  • Force feeding guts text.
  • Thermal mechanic fixes.
  • Server stability fixes.
  • Performance fixes (server).
  • Bullet penetration fix.
Known issues
  • Animals spin in one place.
  • Animals die randomly.
  • Animal navigation.
  • Animal animations are playing at a wrong resolution.
  • You can drive v3s while knocked out.
  • Only 1 person can get on back cargo of v3s.
  • Random desync.
  • Random client crashes.
  • Random server crashes.
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Release: 20 December 2014

As always, we will be watching server data, and the feedback tracker for any potential severe issues and will address them accordingly with a hot fix. For any bugs/issues you run into, please let us know by filing it on the feedback tracker:

New items
  • Crafted Leather Jacket, Pants, Backpack, Shoes and Vest
  • Broom
  • Canoe paddle
  • Lead pipe
  • Steak knife
  • Hatchet
  • Hay Hook
  • Flanged Mace
  • Red, green, blue and gray sweater
  • Red, green, blue, yellow, violet, orange and black quilted jackets
  • Blue, red, pink and black raincoat
  • Yellow, orange, blue, green, red, pink and black armband
  • Khaki, Black, Olive and Tan M65 Jacket
  • Bayonet for AKs
  • Flare gun
  • Ice Axe
  • Field Shovel
  • Lug Wrench
New mechanics
  • Handheld scopes not limited in Y axis.
  • You can use rope, duct tape or wire for restraining other players.
  • You can use blades, pliers, hacksaw and lock pick to untie players.
  • You can craft armbands by shredding raincoats.
  • You can use cooking tripod as melee.
  • You can attach cooking tripod on fireplace.
  • You can pour water, gasoline or disinfectant into any kind of container (except soda cans).
  • You can pour liquids from container to container.
  • You can tan skin using lime.
  • You can upgrade fireplace to furnace.
  • You can use Ice Axe for stone picking.
  • You can sew Leather Jacket, Vest, Pants, Shoes, Hat and Sack from Tanned Leather with Leather Sewing Kit.
  • Construct fireplace states by attachments.
  • Fireplace consuming fuels (heating/cooling fireplace temperature).
  • Heat transfer from heated items (you can heat items in a fireplace and then bring them with you to keep you warm).
  • You can find worms when digging garden plot.
  • Planting in garden plot is less effective in comparison to greenhouse.
  • Zucchini plant, seeds and its growing process.
New animations + audio
  • Flare gun hand pose & reload animation
  • Water pump water pouring
  • Supersonic crack sound for weapons with supersonic ammo
  • Bullet fly wizz
  • Melee weapons sounds
  • Flare gun sounds
New locations
  • Terra incognita
  • Castle on Skalisty island
  • Nagornoe village
  • New version of BattleEye.
  • Antihacks.
  • Vehicle persistence.
  • The navmesh controller connected to the entity controller.
  • Adminlogs added for private & public shards (logs connects and disconnects of player, logs messages sent through chat, logs player kills).
  • Suicide with various items
  • You can not unpin grenade laying on the ground
  • Ghillie suit painting
  • Arrow crafting no longer consumes 2 instead of 1 feather in certain circumstances
  • Deployment of ruined fishtrap
  • Cancel action during digging in greenhouse
  • Fireplace heating process tweaked
  • Effect of wetness on temperature tweaked
  • Handguard placement on AKs
  • Kitchen Knife cannot be placed on back
  • Fish trap deterioration and sardines count
  • Damaged an Ruined texture on some items (book, heatpack,...)
  • Shovel size
  • Clothing sizes tweaked
  • Heatpacks keeps you warm longer, but its longevity is affected by it's damage
  • Gun muzzle flashes
Known issues
  • Server freezes.
  • Character falls/gets stuck after throwing melee weapon during swing/weapon change.
  • Player can't pick up items from the ground sometimes.
  • V3S can clip under ground in certain circumstances.
  • Players are experiencing desync while next to each other/ in vehicles.
  • Items with classnames that are too long aren't saved into the character database.
  • Items in backpack rearranges upon connection to server.
  • Player is stuck in building after reconnect.
  • City/Shadow related client FPS drops.
  • Camera clipping issues.
  • Zombies cannot pass through open doorways in certain objects *can pass through closed doors in others.
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Release: 20 December 2014

Update size: 1.1 GB

As always, we will be watching server data, and the feedback tracker for any potential severe issues and will address them accordingly with a hot fix. For any bugs/issues you run into, please let us know by filing it on the feedback tracker:

New items
  • Full Ghillie suite
  • Stone Knife
  • Torch
  • Guts
  • Chainsaw
  • Meat cleaver
  • Prison uniform
  • Silencer east
  • Silencer NATO
  • Handgun Silencer
  • V3S interior
  • Teddy bear
  • Long Sword
  • MP5 Compensator
  • Prison Jacket
  • Prison Pants
  • Prison Cap
  • Hunting Knife
  • Pumpkin seeds
  • Pepper seeds
  • Wool dress (color variants)
  • Bomber jacket (color variants)
  • V3S (color variants)
New mechanics
  • Suicide (variants)
  • Using scopes for scouting
  • Redone horticulture mechanics
  • Redone spawn points and amount of vehicles
  • Exiting and entering animations for vehicles
  • Christmas presents
  • Crafting of fishing rod, stone knife, bow, with nature only resources
  • You can cut out seeds out of vegetables
  • Torch crafting
  • Blade sharpening
  • Silencers working
  • Using of almost all items for melee
New locations
  • Kamensk village
  • Stary Yar village
  • Location "Lysaya Gora"
  • "Grozovye Doly"
  • Krasnoe village
  • Christmass assets
  • Meadows and Farms under Svergino village
  • Ratnoe village
  • Zaptudnoe village
  • Zaprudnoe kolhoz
  • Meadows and Farms near Grishino
  • Polesovo village
Updated locations
  • Stary Yar surrounding
  • Kamensk mining complex
  • Severograd mines
  • Powerlines is now connected with West part of map
  • Forest improvments
  • General bugfixing
  • Muzzle blast, Impact sounds fixed.
  • Small fish trap exploit fixed
  • Supressor visible on steyraug now
  • Damage transfer added to ghillie crafting
  • Security fixes
  • Telescopic Baton retracting
  • Improved heatpack and gut heat transfer, support for multiple heat sources
  • Drowning while cuffed under water surface
  • Heatpack and more items properly positioned in hand
  • Supressor visible on steyraug now
  • Animation polish
  • Loot distribution polish
  • and much much more.
Known issues
  • Item locked in hands slot
  • Items can't be picked up sometimes
  • Left earpice sound volume is lowered sometimes
  • Ghillie will probably react badly on chemlight, flare and other light sources
  • Some items will visually duplicate themselves if used from the ground
  • Server crashes
  • Client crash when disconnected from server
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Release: 3 December 2014

Dev note: As always, we will be watching server data, and the feedback tracker for any potential severe issues and will address them accordingly with a hot fix. For any bugs/issues you run into, please let us know by filing it on the feedback tracker:

New Items
  • V3S
  • Ghillie Suite (Hood, Bushrag, Top)
  • Ghillie Weapon Wrap
  • Jerry can
  • Military Tent
  • Human Flesh
  • Netting
  • Steyr Aug
  • MP133 with pistol grip
  • Burlap strips
New Mechanics
  • Vehicles
  • Vehicles refueling
  • Prion Disease
  • New crafting recipes
  • Updated heat transfer
  • Watering plants
  • Abuse of vomiting to gain energy
  • Mending balaclavas
  • Splitting and combining netting
  • Splitting and combining burlap strips
  • Ammo box dragging on magazines
  • Combining and splitting worms
  • Breaking out of restraints fixes
  • Uncuffing using keys
  • Picking up mp133 from the ground
  • Rangefinder mechanics
  • Items are no longer pristine only
  • Skinning should now give pelts properly
  • V3S going uphill
  • V3S physics simulation
  • V3S damage to characters
  • V3S collisions
  • V3S fueling mechanic
  • Memory Leaks
  • And a lot more!
Known issues
  • Item locked in hands slot
  • Items can't be picked up sometimes
  • Left earpice sound volume is lowered sometimes
  • Ghillie will probably react badly on chemlight, flare and other light sources
  • Some items will freeze in midair when you throw them multiple times in a row
  • Some items will visually duplicate themselves if used from the ground
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Release: 5 November 2014

Dev note: As always, we will be watching server data, and the feedback tracker for any potential severe issues and will address them accordingly with a hot fix. For any bugs/issues you run into, please let us know by filing it on the feedback tracker:

New Items
  • Balaclavas (Color variants)
  • MP133
  • Sledge hammer
  • Brass Knuckles (Color variants)
  • SPOSN backpack
  • Derringer (Color variants)
  • Improvised Fish Trap
  • Waterproof bag (Color variants)
  • Leather sewing kit
  • Tomato seeds
  • Gardening lime
  • Lockpicks
  • Rossi R92
  • Rabbit snare
  • Rangefinder
  • Heat pack
  • Metal wire
  • Medical thermometer
  • AK 74 (Color variants)
  • AKS 74U (Color variants)
  • Welding Mask
  • Firefigher Uniform (Color variants)
  • Firefighter Helmet (Color variants)
  • Firefighter Pants (Color variants)
  • Skater Helmet (Color variants)
New Mechanics
  • You can search for feathers in chicken coops
  • Water and energy consumption tweaked
  • Player can be put to unconscious while restrained and can be restrained while he is unconscious
  • Two handed item throwing
  • Loot table changes
  • Barricading (First iteration, you are able to lock doors, state being persistent)
  • Horticulture (You are able to use greenhouses when you aquire seeds and fertilizer to grow plants)
  • Soaking of items in backpacks
  • Waterproof items
  • Wring items
  • Player temperature
  • Shoe degradation and comfort
  • Duct tape repair and crafting
  • Improved weather system
  • Drowning
  • You can stitch wounds now
  • Riders jacket, military shoes, combat shoes, leather shoes, working boots can be patched using leather sewing kit
  • New animals (Hen, Goat)
  • Server time affects temperature
New Animations
  • New holding animations
  • New unarmed sprinting animations
  • New grenade unpinning
  • Wring animation added to wring clothes
  • New handgun animations
  • New restrain animations
  • New sitting pose for pistols, two handed and unarmed
  • New bow reload animation
  • Prone move with pistol polished

Towns and Villages
  • New village "Belaya Polana"
  • New town "Novaya Petrovka" + surroundings
  • New village "Topolniki"
  • New village "Svergino"
  • New village "Berezhki"

  • New Kamensk mine
  • New Military Base near Severohrad
  • New Svergino castle
  • New "Pobeda dam"
  • Krasnostav Airfield now has a new Hangar and Office
  • Others:
  • Food and News Stands has been added
  • Bug fixing
  • Map optimization
  • Barrels was removed from map

  • Fixed Shadows
  • Eject Buckshots option for shotguns
  • Fixed Shadow Issues
  • Fixed Client Crashes
  • Fixed Server Crashes
  • Antihacking measures
  • Visor for gorka helmet now shows bandanas/balaclavas
  • Fireplace works at high altitude
  • Fish trap works with bait as well
  • Leaving unconsciousness while having burlap sack will keep screen dark
  • Smersh vest without backpack appearance fixed
  • You can no longer place hacksaw and sickle on shoulder
  • Telescopic baton damage texture
  • Telescopic baton won't reset its damage after open/close action
  • Breaking from restraints is now done through repeated alternated pressing of A and D keys
  • Animation and cancel action added to road flare ignition
  • Animation and cancel action added to chem-light ignition
  • Feathers combining and splitting added
  • You can add kindling and sharp sticks to fireplace
  • Performing other environment actions while on ladder or swimming removed
  • Breaking from restraints fixes
  • Attachment slot removed from skate and firefighter helmet
  • Message spamming reduced
  • Temperature is now affected by movement
  • Safer heat comfort calculation
  • Skinned animal now hides correctly when the process is completed
  • The process of skinning can be cancelled at any time
  • Status message for drowning
  • Shoe damage/wear reduced
  • Rangerfinder measures distance properly
  • And a lot more!

Known Issues
  • Items do not update their state properly (durability/wet). Moving them, or relogging will refresh.
  • Server crash
  • Performance deteroriation
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0.49.124972 (hotfix)

Release: 24 September 2014

  • Fixed a server crash caused by ragdoll
  • Fixed a server crash and persistance corruption
  • Map changes
  • Persistance is enabled again by default on official servers. And is available as an opt in for all servers.
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Release: 17 September 2014

As always, we will be watching server data, and the feedback tracker for any potential severe issues and will address them accordingly with a hot fix. For any bugs/issues you run into, please let us know by filing it on the feedback tracker:

Map and spawn changes

Severograd, and new villages in vicinity

New items
  • Hunting Knife
  • Balaclava (different versions)
  • Firefighter jacket (different versions)
  • Cattle Prod
  • Stun Baton
  • Telescopic Baton
  • MASKA helm
  • Medical Thermometer
  • RDG-5 Explosive Grenade
  • Soviet Officer Hat
  • Various spawn table changes
New mechanics
  • New melee hit detection
  • Player temperature
  • Resuscitation
  • Fibrillation
  • New events (helicopter crashes, vehicle spawns etc.)
  • New door implementation
  • Players can now run up and down the stairs
  • Zombie variations
  • First iteration of central economy.
  • Animal navmesh
New animations
  • Digging Animations
  • New restrained crouch pose
  • New restrained crouch walk
  • CPR animations
  • New zombie walks, runs, sprints and idle variations
  • Ragdoll changes
  • Duplication techniques removed
  • Shotgun pellets in multiplayer are now working
  • Player can no longer take an item in hand while handcuffed
  • Various gesture related fixes and polishing
  • Raised move with bow in Standing stance and rotations with bow
  • Minor polishing for different reloads
  • Unintended fishing cancellation by player movement should be reduced
  • Wearing raincoat and gorkas now prevents you from soaking from rain
  • Clothes drying revisioned
  • Berry picking, tree and kindling gathering and worms digging can now be cancelled
  • Player gets wet even when only partially submerged in water
  • Ruined axe warning message
  • Balaclava mask can get wet
  • Weather client synchronization
  • 7.62x39 cartridges have weight
  • Rags and sticks are spent when they are in hand before crafting starts
  • Allowed swing detection for most melee weapons
  • Added sound, music, radio and speech fade in dead state
  • Battery licking animation for check battery action
  • Various desync issues
  • Various server performance issues
  • Player can no longer change weapon when in water
  • Player collisions adjusted to reduce clipping through walls in various situations
  • Fixed an issue where certain gestures would not get called from raised stance
  • Fixed footstep sounds in various moves
  • Fixed an issue where the player could fall to the ground after performing "Drink All" action
  • Fixed an issue where on occasion, one player restraining another would not result in succesful restrained animation on the player being restrained
  • Fixed an issue where the player entering water would not get disarmed automatically under certain circumstances
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  • Persistence (Events do not get loaded properly after server restart)
  • Persistence (Server state can become corrupted due to grenades stored in containers)
  • Melee (When using rapid left click there is a high chance that melee weapon will get switched)
  • Broken shadows in some cases
  • Zombies are unable to get into some of the buildings.
  • Events (bad positioning on spawn, items might spawn below ground, can be seen on inventory screen)


Release: 13 August 2014

As always, we will be watching server data, and the feedback tracker for any potential severe issues and will address them accordingly with a hot fix. For any bugs/issues you run into, please let us know by filing it on the feedback tracker:

Known issues
  • Player is unable to attack with any weapon under certain circumstances
  • Character freezes for a few seconds after throwing an item under certain angle
  • Players experience desync when engaged in melee combat while their network bubbles overlap
  • Random throwing of items
  • Ladders can't be used after hit by a grenade explosion
  • Player is stuck in building after reconnect
  • Player cannot respawn properly after drowning
  • When restrained while unconscious player stays restrained until he reconnects
  • Character goes prone after using drink all action on canteen
  • Random police car spawning doesn't work properly. Cars are not visible, loot is there though.
  • Animations: Igniting fireplace
  • Animations: Restrained sprint (run)
  • Animations: Fishing (pull out, check, start)
  • Animations: Searching for berries, digging
  • Animations: Cow animation sets
  • Crafting: You can craft leather sack
  • Crafting: You can craft mosin wrap from burlap sack
  • Crafting: You can add grass to burlap wrap
  • Crafting: You can sharpen wooden sticks
  • Crafting: You can combine sharpened sticks and feather to create a primitive arrow
  • Crafting: Preparing chicken will now also give you some chicken feathers
  • Crafting: You can saw mosin-nagant 9130 off
  • Crafting: You can paint sawn-off mosin-nagant 9130
  • Crafting: You can tear bandana mask into rags
  • Crafting: You can attach and detach Smersh Backpack to Smersh Vest
  • Gear: Crafted leather sack
  • Gear: Smersh Vest
  • Gear: Smersh Backpack
  • Gear: Sharpened Stick
  • Gear: Chicken Feathers
  • Gear: Primitive Arrow
  • Gear: Added lifetime and persistence parameters
  • Gear: Bow can now use primitive arrows
  • Gear: Tank helmet
  • Loot: Randomized police cars spawns (works but cars are not always visible - see known issues)
  • Loot: Some guns spawn with ammo now
  • Weapons: Sawed-off variant of mosin-nagant 9130
  • World: Sinistok village is added.
  • World: Vavilovo village is added.
  • World: New WW2 monument has been added to Severograd town.
  • World: Oak tree was replaced by new model.
  • Animations: Slow and fast move with raised Bow in crouch
  • Animations: Silence gesture crouch and prone polished
  • Actions: Tearing bandana into rags produce only one rag now
  • Actions: Highly increased chance of finding an apple
  • Actions: Slightly increased chance of finding a berry
  • Character: Moved position of collision shapes for standing and crouching poses with two-handed weapon
  • Cooking: Highly reduced chance of getting food poisoning from burnt meat
  • Crafting: Tracksuit pants can be mended with sewing kit
  • Graphics: Textures for epinephrine and fire extinguisher improved
  • Engine: First iteration of wall clipping fix
  • Gear: Gorka pants takes four slots
  • Loot: Heli-crashsites fixed
  • Loot: Loot tables changed
  • Loot: Rotten fruit and vegetables removed from loot spawns
  • Weapons: Crossbow dispersion tweaked
  • Weapons: CR 527 magazine cannot be repainted
  • Weapons: Range for all melee weapons and fists tweaked
  • Weapons: All melee weapons are set to use cursor for hit now
  • Weapons: CR 527 magazine description edited
  • Weapons: MP5 30Rnd magazine takes up two vertical slots
  • Weapons: Shotguns damage
  • Weapons: Improvised bow dispersion tweaked

Note: Change log pending contributions from engine/programming team.

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Release: 30 July 2014

Note: This update features many new features and their initial implementations. We will be watching server data, and the feedback tracker for any potential severe issues and will address them accordingly with a hot fix. Note: Change log pending contributions from engine/programming team.

Known issues
  • Player can in rare circumstances enter a state in which they cannot attack and must relog
  • Character may temporarily enter a frozen state when throwing (resolved a few seconds)
  • Melee targeting is off in some situations
  • Players can in some circumstances experience slight desync with server
  • Dynamic server events are temporarily disabled
  • Backpacks rearrange after reconnection
  • Players restrained while unconscious remained restrained until reconnection (after awaking)
  • Persistent items & storage are disabled server side pending hot fix to stable branch
  • Actions: cans can be opened with SKS bayonet and sickle
  • Actions: added playerDrinkCan action to config
  • Actions: added Melee class to SurvivorBase
  • Animations: New default aimed animations with rifle
  • Animations: Player now can walk while surrender
  • Animations: Transitions for surrender/restrained player
  • Animations: Crouched zombie animation set
  • Animations: Reload for CZ527
  • Animations: Hand poses added for matchbox, Injection Vial, Hacksaw
  • Animations: Drinking from can
  • Character: New female face models
  • Character: New male face models
  • Engine: Ragdoll support for Zombies & Players
  • Engine: Initial implementation of navmesh for zombie pathfinding
  • Items: Boonie hat fishing hook storage
  • Items: Chemlights
  • Items: AK101
  • Items: CR 527
  • Items: Makarov
  • Items PM 73 RAK
  • Items: Medium Civilian Tent
  • Items: Paramedic clothes (jacket and pants)
  • Items: Military Boots now store knives
  • Items: Red, Black, Polka dotted, Olive and Camo bandana added
  • Items: Untied Red, Black, Polka dotted, Olive and Camo bandana added
  • Recipes : Red, Black, Polka dotted, Olive and Camo as a bandage
  • Recipes: Red, Black, Polka dotted, Olive and Camo bandanas can be untied and tied to mask
  • Server: Persistent item support (disabled for this update)
  • Server: Simulation changes to support increased server performance
  • Server: Persistent storage support (disabled for this update)
  • Server: Dynamic loot respawning
  • World: Turovo village added
  • Actions: Player is not able to fill a ruined canteen from well.
  • Actions: When player opens ruined canned food there is low amount of food left.
  • Actions: Player is not able to pour water from a ruined canteen.
  • Actions: Player can no long empty magazine attached to a weapon
  • Actions: No access to catch rain action during ongoing action
  • Actions: Fishing actions displayed while using different items than rod
  • Actions: Added missing part to improvised bag/backpack crafting messages in action menu
  • Actions: Zucchini can be force fed
  • Actions: Added new drink from well animation to blue well
  • Actions: Unable to use actions while swimming or while on ladder
  • Actions: Player can take Makarov into hands straight from ground
  • Actions: Player can take PM73 RAK into hands straight from ground
  • Actions: Removing item on which consume action was called, not item which was swapped to hands during consume action
  • Animals: Visual improvement of cow, rabbit and wildboar
  • Animations: Gestures related bugs fixed (Facepalm, Cut throat, Silence)
  • Animations: Crouch moves with bow
  • Animations: Prone moves with pistol
  • Animations: Fixed multiple issues with vaulting
  • Animations: Zucchini handheld position
  • Animations: SoundEdge(footstep sounds) set correctly for kneel run with rifle
  • Animations: Face-palm doesn't make the player stand up from prone anymore
  • Animations: Sitting tweaked(changing weapons keeps player in kneel, instead of making them stand....)
  • Engine: Adjustment to Night time lighting levels
  • Items: Dimmed fireplace light so it not interfere with HDR
  • Items: Tweaked shotguns dispersions and recoils
  • Items: Tweaked pistols dispersions
  • Items: Tweaked rifles, carbines and SMGs dispersions
  • Items: Tweaked attachments (optics, buttstocks, handguards, compensators, bipod) dispersions
  • Items: Wooden sticks can be held in hands
  • Items: CR527 shadow glitch fixed
  • Items: Set chemlight to last 60 minutes
  • Items: Lowered light intensity for chemlights and flare
  • Items: Temoved buttstock as default spawned attachment for MP5
  • Item: Binoculars size reduced
  • Items: Added other chemlight color material variants
  • Modifiers: Removed vomit message from blinded modifier
  • Recipes: Player can paint CR 527 black, green and camo
  • Recipes: Player can't tear clothing into rags while there are things in it
  • Recipes: Ruined cans opening tweaked
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Release: 2 July 2014

Known issues
  • Crash caused by Fireplace kit in players Inventory
  • Character cloning
  • Player can look through walls
  • Zombies are spawning on spot of their death
  • Player is stuck in building after reconnect
  • Player cannot respawn properly when he has drowned
  • Shadow related client FPS drops
  • When restrained in unconscious player stays in restrained state till he reconnects
  • Actions: You can sort out good ammunition from a ruined stack
  • Animations: New reload animations for Longhorn and a second reload for the Crossbow.
  • Animations: New reload for B95 double rifle.
  • Animations: MP5K reload Animations
  • Animations: Added aimed pose for sitting with rifle.
  • Animations: Drinking from pond and well.
  • Loot: Added MP5 with magazines
  • Loot: Added military Pilotka side cap
  • Map: Karmanovka has returned
  • Map: Novodmitrovsk has been added
  • Map: Industrial area of Novodmitrovsk has been added.
  • Map: Tenement area near Novodmitrovsk has been added.
  • Map: Dobroe village is added.
  • Map: New administrative buildings has been added in Novo.
  • Item: Flashbang grenade
  • Item: Hand grenade
  • Item: Added green and black color variants of the ZSh3 helmet. Can be crafted.
  • Sound: Play sound when using the bow.
  • Server: Security Improvement Hotfix
  • Actions: Painting 75 akm drum magazine
  • Actions: Crafting fur backpack
  • Actions: AKM buttstock painting
  • Actions: Breaking apart backpacks, down into parts
  • Actions: Leather backpack crafting
  • Actions: Raised chance to ignite fire in wind
  • Actions: Fixed crash with meat duplication in fireplace/inventory
  • Actions: Can't eat meat directly from the fireplace
  • Animations: Fixed hand movement at the end of SKS reloading.
  • Animations: Hand clipping in unarmed run.
  • Animations: Crouch walks and runs replaced with new animations.
  • Animations: Crouch idle pose adjusted to better show items in player's hand.
  • Animations: Sprint with gun replaced with new animation.
  • Animations: Jump and vualt animations updated
  • Animations: Hand poses added for granades, pelts, alcohol tincture, fishing rod, magazines, woods.
  • Animations: Zombie attack animations polished.
  • Animations: Gestures poses fixed.
  • Animations: Two handed arming animations fixed.
  • Animations: Fixed an issue where surrender kept getting cancelled when used with one handed melee weapons
  • Animations: Fixed an issue where vomiting was not working properly with 2 handed melee weapons
  • Animations: Fixed an issue where drinking animation was not playing when the player was in prone
  • Animations: Throwing items reconfigured, staying wound up should not prevent the player from getting knocked down or cuffed
  • Animations: Leaning tweaked in transitional states, should now allow for smoother transitions while leaning
  • Animations: Fixed an issue where the character would not roll left/right with binocs in raised prone state
  • Gear: Alpha sorting in alcohol tincture model
  • Item: Hacksaw hand placement
  • Sound: Arrow loading
  • Sound: Arrow ejecting
  • Sound: Fishing bait check
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Release: 18 June 2014

Known issues
  • Crash caused by burned meat duplication
  • Camera can clip through walls
  • Occaisionally zombies are spawning at the same spot they died
  • Extremely rare crash when a player throws item
  • Player's next character will not be saved into database if he disconnects after death
  • Actions: Added cancel current player action on self and on target back to gear configuration
  • Actions: Added cancel current player action on self and on target back to data and character configuration
  • Actions: Added cancel current player action on self, on target and on items back to actions themselves
  • Actions: Added new animations for drinking from pond and well actions
  • Actions: Igniting fireplace depends on wind strength and rain
  • Actions: Salmonellosis is curable with antibiotics
  • Actions: Emptying large magazine will split ammo in adequate amount of smaller piles
  • Actions: You can sharpen a bit badly damaged blades using stone
  • Actions : You can tear few blank pages out of a book
  • Actions : You can go fishing (ponds and lakes for this moment)
  • Actions : You can drink whole bottle at once
  • Animations: Clapping now possible while crouching
  • Animations: Binoculars transitions added for crouch and prone.
  • Content: Garage office building loot spawns added
  • Content: Doors on vehicle wrecks now show name in scroll menu so users are able to know which door or boot they are opening/closing.
  • Crafting : You can craft improvised fishing rod using long ashwood stick and rope
  • Crafting : You craft and break down leather courier bag
  • Crafting : You craft and break down leather backpack
  • Crafting: Splitting long ashwood stick into thirds
  • Crafting: Breaking Courier bag down into materials
  • Crafting: Breaking Improvised backpack down into materials
  • Crafting: Breaking Splint down into materials
  • Gathering : You can collect wood from bushes and trees and also search for kindling in woods
  • Gathering : You can mine stones from some smaller boulders
  • Gathering : You can dig up worms from ground
  • Gathering : You can search for apples
  • Gathering : You can skin and quarter animals
  • Gear: Road flare configuration
  • Gear: Road flare animation
  • Gear: Configuration of fireplace items and crafting recipes for them
  • Gear: Crafting recipes for combine/split firewood and stones
  • Gear: Added flare particle effects synchronization on server
  • Item: AKM attachments (folding buttstock, rail handguard, plastic magazine), AK rail handguard allows the attachment of a flashlight and a bipod
  • Item: Animal pelts added (Wildboar, Rabbit, Cow, Pig, Deer)
  • Item: Improvised Backpack and Courier bag made of fur, recipes added.
  • Items: Road Flare, Fishing hook, High Capacity vest, Longhorn pistol, AKM butt stocks, AKM magazines added to loot spawns
  • Items: Chernarus Police uniform (pants, jacket, cap) added to loot spawns
  • Items: OREL special Police unit uniform added to loot spawns
  • Items: Gorka Military Pants added to loot spawns
  • Items: Various meats configs
  • Item : Improvised fishing rod config
  • Item: Fishing hook config
  • Item: Fishing bait config
  • Item: Worm config
  • Localisation: Door names added to string table.
  • Server: Animals spawning
  • Server: Initial implementation of dynamic server events
  • Actions: Added conditions to crafting recipes
  • Actions: Wooden sticks are stackable, crafting recipes with sticks modified to take stacks into account
  • Actions: Catching some rain action, doesn't add water to a stomach
  • Actions: Removed 'isUsingSomething' variable from player's stored variables
  • Actions: Deconstructing improvised backpack produce wooden sticks in actual quantity required to craft it
  • Actions: Fireplace sound effects fixed
  • Actions: Fixed addressee of the messages in ignite fireplace action
  • Action: Changed frying time to 30s
  • Action: Higher probability to light fire in the wind
  • Actions: Splitting ruined ammo won't create a pristine stack
  • Actions: Bow loading action fixed
  • Actions: Firewood splitting action fixed
  • Animations: Fixed an issue where some animations were not interrupted with a death animation, when the player died
  • Animations: Eating, drinking, crafting animations states are now correctly connected to death states
  • Animations: More animations are now able to be cancelled(crafting, pills, injection)
  • Animations: Some basic movement with binoculars is now possible in raised pose
  • Config: Binoculars ability to be placed into holster
  • Crafting: Splint recipe fix
  • Gear: Changed firewood model
  • Gear: Road flares to last 15 minutes
  • Gear: Adding parameter to geometry lod to resolve alpha sorting
  • Gear: Road flare cannot be lit after it's has already been used
  • Gear: Road flare quantity is not showing in inventory for now (removed till they able to be stacked)
  • Gear: Added cooking subclass to other meat configs
  • Gear: Model filename changed for burned fillet
  • Items: Shoes become damaged after falling from height
  • Item : Long ashwood stick inventory size increased, can be placed on back
  • Item: Improvised short bow inventory size
  • Item: Binocular inventory size changed
  • Item: Closed tuna can, lack of inventory image fixed
  • Item: Closed sardines can, lack of inventory image fixed
  • SFX: Fixed configuration for fireplace flame sound effect
  • Spawns : Bugged crossbow bolt
  • VFX: Helicopter crash site smoke particle effect initialization
  • Actions: Bow loading action fixed
  • Actions: Firewood splitting action fixed
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Release: 23 April 2014

Known issues
  • Binoculars not functioning properly in crouch and prone states.
  • Thrown objects moving at a slow frame rate during peak server load
  • Crossbow damage higher than desired
  • Player breathing in first person louder than desired
  • Ongoing melee balancing has zombies more resilient to body impacts. (Aim for the head)
  • Accelerated Time falls out of sync after extended uptime (disabled for this update)
  • Actions: Melee attacks added to frying pan and cooking pot
  • Actions: Recipe for bow crafting added
  • Items: Dexterity of shotguns, pistols and rifles configured
  • Items: Tracksuit Jackets and Russian Officer Hat configured and added to loot spawns
  • Items: Binoculars configured and added to loot spawns (known issues above with this item)
  • Items: Implemented Crossbow + bolts.
  • Server: Basic item bullet physics enabled (known issues tied to server performance)
  • Server: New guaranteed messaging system for network traffic
  • Server: New player spawn locations near Klen, Chernaya Polana, Orlovets
  • Server: Accelerated Time implemented for gameservers
  • Systems: 1:1 Mouse control / movement
  • World: New Ash Tree model
  • World: New village "Karmanovka" has been added
  • Actions: Crafting with medical items - splints, blood bags, blood testing
  • Actions: Removed force feed and force drink from epinephrine and morphine
  • Actions: You can no longer turn on flashlight or defibrillator laying on the ground without battery being attached to it
  • Actions: You can no longer empty magazines or ammunition boxes laying on the ground (and loose ammo)
  • Actions: Players loading into server no longer play reloading SFX
  • Actions: Burlap sack removes from head properly
  • Actions: Apply defibrillator action messages
  • Actions: You can catch rain holding bottle in hand only
  • Actions: moved quantity manipulation and item removal directly into action on self
  • Actions: added config entries to actions for single use food and drinks
  • Actions: Single use food and drink items now adding to player water and energy levels
  • Actions: Injection vial cannot be consumed
  • Actions: Medical items related actions on other player (proper quantity handling)
  • Animations: Player now can wave (F1) when unarmed or holding one-handed item with raised hands.
  • Animations: playing correct footstep sounds for 2handed melee raised run, aimed rifle run
  • Animations: Removed the jerky motion when sometimes equipping a weapon/item, usually at the start of eating/drinking/bandaging
  • Animations: sitting with 2 handed melee should now work properly
  • Animations: Fixed an issue where you would first stand up when pressing crouch in unarmed sitting pose
  • Animations: Fixed an issue where you couldn't sit from unarmed prone directly.
  • Animations: fixed missing rotation animation for unarmed crouched player
  • Animations: Iron sights now use all 3 parameters for min, max and init zoom. Values of these params tweaked.
  • Animations: Player's "naked eye" max zoom level lowered. It allows for the same max zoom as iron sights.
  • Gear: Improvised courier bag and taloon backpack shows their damage state in inspect window
  • Gear: Green bandage stops bleeding
  • Gear: Fruits no longer show 100% label
  • Gear: FNX45 red dot sight optics renamed and now requires 9V battery in order to work
  • Gear: Resolved chambering issue with 22 related to stack quantity
  • Gear: Tablets amount in inventory slot changed from % to pills
  • World: Rocks at Ship Wreck location reworked
  • Zombies: Melee attack bleed chance nerfed
  • Zombies: Damage is dealt to head while kneeling
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Release: 23 March 2014

We appreciate everyones patience in getting this patch released to stable, the bug in 0.42 that caused lag and desync was very hard to track down and fix.

  • New zombie animations in testing (they are considerably faster). We will be engaging with the community to decide if these new animations result in the zombies being too fast.
  • Servers now support accelerated time as a configurable option. This results in faster day/night cycle.
  • Hotfix to address issues associated with severe lag and desync for many players.
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Branch: Stable ETA: Morning of 19/03/14 (GMT) Version: 0.42.116181

Known issues
  • Physics: Item throwing physics is currently disabled
  • Melee: Cannot conduct melee attack from "lowered" melee stance (press space to chance stance to "raised")
  • Potential Network issues - we will be monitoring the situation, as this appears to be resolved
  • Actions: Vomiting have associated sound effects
  • Actions: Ballistic helmet variants can be painted to black and green color with spraycan
  • Actions: Can check pulse on unconscious players
  • Actions: Searching for berries will now add berries to your inventory
  • Actions: Eat All now supported for consumables
  • Actions: You can catch rain into canteen and water-bottle from inventory
  • Animations: New Ruger 10/22 reload animations
  • Animations: New Ruger MKII Reload animations.
  • Animations: Player now can sit with gun/weapon
  • Animations: Completely new two-handed melee animations. New right-handed poses, moves and attacks for axes, baseball bat, pipewrench, crowbar, fire extinguisher, shovel, farming hoe. "Low" and "Aim" stances introduced for stand, crouch and prone.
  • Crafting: SKS painting recipe
  • Crafting: You can paint firefighter axe black and green
  • Crafting: Blaze 95 painting recipe
  • Environment: New rock textures
  • Food: Sambucus berry item added
  • Food: Canina berry item added
  • Gear: added black and UN ballistic helmet variants
  • Gear: Sickle added into loot spawns
  • Gear: 1911 engraved version configure added to loot spawns
  • Gear: Can opener can be used as melee weapon
  • Gear: Box of 10 bucks shots added configured and added to loot spawns
  • Gear: Wool Coat red/black/brown/blue/green/grey/check variants added
  • Gear: Green and black variant of SKS
  • Gear: Green and black variant of firefighter axe added
  • Gear: Flat Cap red/black/brown/blue/green/grey/check variants added
  • Gear: Rabbit leg, boar steak and chicken breasts added
  • Gear: Fresh and rotten tomato configured and spawning on the server
  • Gear: Fresh and rotten potato configured and spawning on the server
  • Gear: Fresh and rotten Green Bell Pepper configured and spawning on the server
  • Gear: Canned Peaches configured and spawning on the server
  • Gear: Tactical bacon configured and spawning on the server
  • Gear: Hard headgear (ballistic, moto, construction and pilot helmets) cannot be wear together with masks
  • Gear: Sporter 22, CR75, Amphibia S, 1911 and respective magazines and ammo (22LR and 9mm) added to spawns
  • Gear: Wool Coats and Flat Caps added to spawns
  • Gear: Farming hoe configured and spawns
  • Gear: Long wooden ash stick
  • Gear: M4 attachment green variants added
  • Graphics: Adding lights to currently rendered scene changed
  • Graphics: Lighting from objects now is rendered during daytime also
  • Graphics: HDR improved and tweaked slightly to perform better with bright lights in scene (i.e. flashlights etc...)
  • Graphics: Engine supported point source light objects (e.g. Gaslamp) now working correctly
  • Map: Olsha has been updated
  • Map: Khelm has been updated
  • Map: New rock formations outside Svetlo have been created
  • Map: New Orthodox Chapel has been created
  • Map: Police Stations & Medical Centers have been placed across the map
  • Map: Village pub configured for spawning loot
  • Map: New villages surrounding Svetlo
  • Map: Chernaya Polana town + surroundings added
  • Map: Signs for "Chernaya Polana" added
  • Medical: Players can have a heart attack (declared as "irregular pulse" with pulse checking actions)
  • Weather: Rain, Clouds, Wind, calculated on server and distributed to clients
  • Weather: Rain now causes items and player to become wet
  • Zombies: Simple respawn mechanic implemented for zombies, pending more robust method
  • Actions: Added 'inUseItem' back to action on target function
  • Actions: Proper nutritional value will be added when eating near empty food
  • Actions: Berry picking script messages to player improved.
  • Actions: Removed duplicate option for crafting splint in action menu
  • Actions: Fixed force drink message for action with waterbottle
  • Actions: Eat all rice animation length modified
  • Actions: Force feeding action now depletes right amount of food/drinks
  • Actions: Water Bottle stays in hands after force drinking
  • Actions: Eating cereals won't leave you with 0% box in your inventory anymore
  • Actions: Fluids deplete properly after force drinking action
  • Actions: Removed force feed action for disinfectant and alcohol tincture
  • Actions: Crafting splint from bandages now uses whole disposable bandage and half of dressing bandage
  • Actions: Ruined rags/bandages and wooden sticks doesn't produce infinite splints
  • Actions: Clicking on Eat All action if amount of food is below 1/4 will result in playing only short eating animation
  • Actions: Edited player messages in force drink action and fixing broken limbs
  • Actions: Force feed/drink doesn't use whole quantity of some food/drink items also canteen is not destroyed after action
  • Actions: Player message for drinking from well
  • Animations: Bandage and eating pills animation glitch fixed.
  • Animations: Holding animations of various weapon magazines correctly linked
  • Animations: Player can now be properly knocked out while in water.
  • Animations: New M4A1 reload animations.
  • Animations: Various glitches when moving / changing stances fixed.
  • Animations: Rolling left/right while zoomed in sights makes player zoom out for the duration of the roll.
  • Animations: Evade animations in prone (Q and E) are faster now.
  • Audio: Subsonic projectiles no longer emit supersonic crack
  • Balance: Buffed damage of 762x39, 9mm, .22LR. Slightly nerfed shotgun pellets
  • Gear: Added color variants of ballistic helmets into loot spawns
  • Gear: Purification tablets package contains ten tablets now. Cholera removing functionality added.
  • Gear: Painted SKS chambering
  • Gear: Even lower chance of backpacks spawning on construction sites
  • Gear: Changed inventory view of pitchfork
  • Gear: Removed quantity value from burlap sack tooltip
  • Gear: Display name for t-shirts with stripes
  • Graphics: SSAO in options saved
  • Graphics: Rain effect settings changed
  • Graphics: Rain geometry optimized (28 bytes vs 12 bytes per vertex)
  • Graphics: Spot light culling fixed
  • Graphics: Fix of terrain intersections
  • Graphics: Fix of geometry trace for flares
  • Graphics: Rain now does not fall inside buildings for those on *Lower/Disabled shadow settings
  • Login: Failure during new character creation could cause player to get stuck as unconscious
  • Map: Optimizations for Svetlo performance
  • Map: Forests surrounding Svetlo bugfixes
  • Medical: Would never actually die from zero health or blood due to medical conditions
  • Medical: Epi-pens will now wake anyone (briefly) from unconsciousness even if blood very low
  • Medical: Defibrillator used for restarting the heart of players who have a heart attack
  • Medical: Unconsciousness had irregular and unpredictable behavior (epi-pens will now always wake an unconscious player, unless they are having a heart attack)
  • Medical: Melee damage application system changed to better balance
  • Medical: Chance of bleeding from fists reduced significantly
  • Medical: Arm and leg ache messages fixed
  • Medical: Disconnected players avatars did not take shock or blood damage
  • Medical: Falling from height while sprinting did not kill player when it should have
  • Medical: Player could vault with broken legs
  • Network: Dropped items appeared only after a delay (now instant)
  • Network: Inventory items causing desync due to non-guaranteed update spam (hotfix currently until guaranteed message change is complete)
  • Network: Optimizations to network messaging updates should result in reduced bandwidth and some increases in FPS for clients/server
  • Structures: Changed inheritance of barrier structures (due to errors in logs)
  • Structures: Item disappearing when dropped from inventory on stairs or near walls
  • Weapons: Long-range scope reticle properly centered
  • Zombies: Zombies aims mostly for chest area now when attacking (stops the "helmet of armor" change)
  • Actions: Added force drink action.[src]
  • Gear: Added new texture for canned baked beans.[src]
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Branch: Stable

ETA: Was pushed this morning during the maintenance period 12 February 2014

Version: 0.35.115188

This update was released to Stable as part of our weekly scheduled maintenance. This hotfix is aimed at fixing a GPU memory leak, that a large amount of players were experiencing. This was causing low framerate and crashing for some players.


Hotfix for the GPU Memory leak leading to low FPS

N.B. Anyone that experiencing any issues please post it to the feedback tracker ( and send me a pm/tweet (@mattbloomer)

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Branch: Stable

ETA: Complete (Being pushed now) 8 February 2014

Version: 0.34.115106

This update was released to Stable as a critical update outside of scheduled maintenance. This was because of a serious issue with the connection logic that could trap some players in the "dead" state. There was also a critical bug with looting other players inventory. These have been fixed.

Known issues
  • Animations: Right hand twitches during pointing, character twitches once when middle finger is activated/deactivated
  • Actions: If player puts burlap sack from his head to ground his vision stays black
  • Animations: Ruger 10/22 hand pose
  • Animations: It's now possible to blend directly between various gesticulation states (pointing,finger,greeting...)
  • Crafting: Can repair clothes, weapons, and items using specialist items (such as sewing kit)
  • Gear: Configured sewing kit and its recipes
  • Gear: Added configuration for durable riders jacket
  • Gear: Added Cowboy hats to the loot spawns (multiple colors)
  • Gear: Added Sewing kit to the loot spawns
  • Gear: Added B95 and 762 speedloader to loot spawns
  • Gear: Added configuration for durable riders jacket
  • Gear: Added durable leather jacket to loot spawns
  • Gestures: Thumbs Up gesture added with default F7 key binding
  • Server: Optimization of synchronization of textures/materials (minor improvement to server FPS)
  • Systems: Falling now causes dynamic damage (roughly, fall of >5m break legs depending on equipment, >15m probably death)
  • Actions: Could not cover another players head with a burlap sack
  • Actions: No longer spawns clones of sack after Remove Head Cover action
  • Actions: Removing Head Cover (burlap sack) while inventory is full won't leave you blind and without burlap sack anymore
  • Art: Duplicate geometry in lower resolution LODs of flannel shirt resulted in visual bug at distance.
  • Animations: Fixed an issue where the player would stay zoomed-in in sights for reload while aiming in prone
  • Animations: Player should now be force-disarmed when clapping while holding a single-handed weapon.
  • Animations: Pointing and clapping now works even when initiated from aimed states
  • Animations: Fixed an issue where the left hand would stay glued to the FNX45 for aimed prone reload
  • Animations: Default rifle aim stance (stand and crouch) slightly changed to better fit different guns
  • Animations: Twitches on right hand fixed when holding an item while middle finger and pointing.
  • Crafting: Cannot combine ruined stacked objects (such as ammo, rags)
  • Crafting: Cannot chamber/load magazine with ruined ammunition
  • Crafting: Motorbike helmet visors didn't retain their type when spray-painting the helmet
  • Crash: Game Crash when using FLUSH command
  • Crash: Out of bounds crash when no sounds defined
  • Inventory: Loot would stay on dead character after it is picked up, causing teleporting loot and general chaos
  • Medical: Cleaning wounds with alcohol tincture doesn't add last stage of infected wounds
  • Medical: Vomiting/Stuffed was completely broken. Now simplified and streamlined
  • Melee: Short melee weapons do damage now (hammer, screwdriver, hammer, hacksaw)
  • Spawns: Lowered probability of Weapon cleaning kit spawns
  • Systems: Healing system was double processing for blood regeneration
  • Systems: Notifier messages were not being cleared/reset on within-state changes
  • Systems: Players position was not saving on disconnect
  • Systems: Players could get continually stuck in a dead character during load from central server
  • Systems: Players would not receive any falling damage
  • Systems: Disconnecting dead player would delete the body after ~30 seconds
  • Systems: Damage was being equally applied to all objects inside inventory slot when shot/damaged (now items reduce the damage when they take damage)
  • Systems: Notifier gets stuck on "stuffed"
  • Weapons: Ballistic parameters of all projectiles tweaked for more realism (special thanks to Gews for his great analysis on weapon characteristics)
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Branch: Stable

ETA: Complete, 5 February 2014

Version: 0.33.114855 0.33.114926

This build continues with small bugfixes and several engine changes. A late addition of a significant change to the server variable processing has provided us a major performance boost on the server of around 5-10 FPS. This helps with a great deal of issues and results in a much smoother game experience from players even on a smooth server. Once several more of these optimizations are made it will allow us to increase player/zombie numbers and enable loot and zombie respawning.

Known issues
  • Spawns: Loot is not spawning in military tents
  • Spawns: Some structures in Svetlo currently do not spawn loot
  • Server: Servers under load can delay actions from the client
  • Graphics: Only 4 dynamic light sources will be rendered at one time currently
  • Actions: Looting a dead body may make a ghost clone copy of the inventory
  • Actions: chambering SKS round from pile, loading 10 rounds from pile
  • Actions: You can uncuff other players with the hacksaw
  • Actions: Cannot use an item (e.g. drink/eat) if it is "Ruined"
  • Actions: Interactions with items reworked. Drinking/Eating/etc... more robust and user-friendly
  • Actions: Restrained players cannot use inventory or action menu
  • Animations: Player now can take and hide rifle in crouched run
  • Animations: SKS reload animations
  • Animations: firing weapon when sprinting will transition player into the aimed run(with some temporary limitations)
  • Crafting: FNX45 pistol can be chambered with single round
  • Crafting: Opening cans with combat knife added
  • Crafting: Opening cans with machete added
  • Crafting: Painting Motorbike Helmets to Black and Green
  • Crafting: Waterbottles and canteens now allow pouring water between them
  • Effects: Magnum revolver ejecting shells when reloading
  • Effects: Magnum revolver sounds - gunshots, reloading
  • Effects: Mosin ejecting shells when cycling
  • Effects: New Mosin sounds - gunshots, cycling, reloading
  • Gear: Improvised courier backpack added
  • Gear: Machete added
  • Gear: Hard hats added in various colors
  • Gear: Motorcycle Helmets have black visor variants
  • Gear: Small, uncomfortable, and silly (but cute) children's school backpack
  • Gestures: Clapping Gesture added, default F5 key
  • Gestures: Pointing Gesture added, default F6 key
  • Login: Player queuing system introduced. Penalty waiting time added for switching server or disconnecting a server quickly
  • Login: Players receive a login timeout when disconnect, increased if disconnect within 30 minutes of joining (max 5 minutes)
  • Login: When players logout, their avatar sits on ground for 30 seconds. Players must make sure they logout somewhere safe
  • Server: Player spawns now cached by engine directly, increasing performance
  • Server: Optimized synchronization and transfer of variables within and outgoing from server (significant performance increase on server, of 5-10 FPS)
  • Spawns: Added Bubble goose jackets into the loot spawns
  • Spawns: Added SKS rifle, speedloader, ammunition piles and boxes and SKS bayonet into the loot spawns
  • Spawns: Healthcare Center now spawns loot
  • Spawns: .45acp box of 25rnds added to loot spawns
  • Spawns: Police stations now spawn loot
  • Systems: Hunger and Thirst slightly modified.
  • Systems: Notifications added to UI for hydration and high energy
  • Systems: Fractures can now occur due to melee and shot damage, not just environmental
  • Systems: Fractures (arms/legs) now saved and loaded correctly from database
  • Translations: Added strings for all consumable items (Gas canisters, Batteries etc) and container items (First aid kit etc) for English, with some Spanish and Russian
  • Zombies: Different types of Military zombies now have tougher attack values and improved durability
  • Zombies: Engine dynamic obstacle checking (zombie, another player)
  • Zombies: Svetlojarsk zombie spawns added
  • Actions: morphine injection can be used on other player effectively fixing his broken legs and item correctly positioned in hands
  • Actions: Keys won't disappear after uncuffing
  • Actions: loading ammo works for sprayed Mosin variants
  • Actions: Read/Writing notes with paper and pen now works again
  • Actions: reviving with epinephrine or defibrillator works also if player blood is below 500 units of blood
  • Actions: Actions on another player no longer have an unlimited distance (max 2 meters)
  • Art: Bug allowing players to clip through geometry of the police station building.
  • Animations: fixed an issue where reload in prone would leave some residue sound clutter at the end of the reload animation
  • Animations: Weapon reloading for magazine was not working properly when no magazine fitted
  • Animations: Rifle Aimed Walk Updated, diagonal animations fixed
  • Animations: Sidestepping through doorway with rifle while crouching should not cause the player to get stuck now
  • Animations: knocking down player now possible in prone states, (possibly fixing the issue with frozen characters)
  • Animations: changed animation for equipping the compass
  • Animations: Proper animation played when taking pistol in run
  • Animations: Changing stances is faster now both for armed and unarmed player
  • Animations: Skinning problem with armored zombies that caused the model to warp during some animations
  • Animations: Standing with aimed weapon now allows for higher angle of tilt/bend
  • Animations: Mosin bolt animation after each shot updated to match hand animation
  • Animations: Removed footstep sound from pointing animations
  • Animations: Pointing gesticulation now possible even when holding 2 handed weapons
  • Animations: Clapping now possible to initiate while holding 2 handed weapons
  • Config: Berries have more nutrition now
  • Crafting: You can no longer saw off sawed off shotgun
  • Crafting: Can spraypaint M4 to green or black
  • Crafting: Damage is now transferred when items are painted
  • Crafting: Improved Backpack creation only possible when Courier Bag is empty (previously items accidentally deleted)
  • Crafting: Weapon cleaning kit can't be used when it's "Ruined" and won't reduce condition of a gun
  • Crafting: Spraypainting an M4 won't delete your carry handle
  • Crafting: Guns are no longer placed on ground while being painted (if not nescessary)
  • Crafting: You won't loose attached universal weapon flashlight after M4 painting
  • Items won't longer appear on ground after unsuccessful force feeding/drinking/fibrillating/handcuffing and won't loose quantity
  • Effects: Dazed effect plays again when a player is hit/damaged/shot
  • Effects: Some effects were not active locally when a player was restrained
  • Effects: gunshot sound of Magnum reverted to original one
  • Fixed: Missing texture error dz\weapons\data\weapons_damage_metal_smdi.paa
  • Fixed: Popping up texture error for beret models
  • Gear: Spraycans won't deplete after relogging
  • Gear: Book, radio, pot, pan, gas canisters, matchbox, paper, firewood and stone can be placed in hands
  • Gear: Headlamp beam raised slightly
  • Gear: Painted items now retain their previous quantities (i.e. Magazine ammo won't reset)
  • Gear: Various item descriptions and notifications fixed for grammar, typos, more detail
  • Gear: ZSh-3 Pilot helmet fixed and updated
  • Gear: Hoxton and Dallas masks where displayed in center of character, now display on face
  • Gear: Splint position in hand was wrong now corrected
  • Gestures: Taunt defaults correctly to F4 key
  • Graphics: "god rays" could cause overloaded post-processing and graphical corruption
  • Graphics: fix of removing shining object from hand (switch off)
  • Graphics: Roads have per pixel lights
  • Graphics: Dynamic lights should be now defined with "radius" value which is maximum radius of light in meters
  • Graphics: Tooltips are now not displayed for quickbar items, as it is a reference to type not specific item
  • Login: Respawn button now works correctly
  • Login: Various bugs fixed associated with connection errors that could cause a character to be deleted or killed by the server
  • Spawns: Lowered chance of Taloon and Mountain backpacks spawning
  • Spawns: Drastically lowered chance of backpacks spawning on the construction site
  • Spawns: Loot spawn tweaks in some civilian structures
  • Weapons: Mosin recoil increased
  • Weapons: Sawed-off shotgun can be loaded with ammo (was broken due to changed inheritance)
  • Weapons: Sawed-off shotgun: reduced size in inventory, reduced spread
  • Weapons: It is no longer possible to attach longrange scope onto SKS
  • Weapons: M4 carry handle can now be attached to painted variants of M4
  • Weapons - fixed error in config of shotgun snaploader causing low velocitiy and damage
  • Zombies: Better filter/check of attack hits directly in engine
  • Zombies: Military zombies made tougher
  • Crash: Irregular crash of server in corpse garbage collector consequence of this is that the bodies will not disappear if other player is in vicinity
  • Crash: Creating item using recipe system caused serious server crash when not enough space in inventory
  • Crash: Client crash on exit, all systems 100% reproduction
  • System: Previous build caused overzealous starvation to occur
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Branch: Experimental Stable

ETA: In process / 22 January 2014

Version: 0.31.114343 0.31.114500 0.32.114557

This build is has very big back-end changes, which means that it may take some time for game servers to come up. Please keep an eye on the DayZ twitter for updates. Many of the changes not listed here are significant database cluster changes associated with our datacenter, and involve configuration changes to DayZ servers themselves. We have tried to minimize potential problems, but delays and outages are possible now more than ever. We will be working as fast as we can to get everything back online.

Known issues
  • Corpse cleanup causes server crash during forced server restart
  • Spray Painting a magazine while on weapon, creates fake (unusable) copy in inventory
  • Niosh mask (respirator) inventory size fixed to 1/1 slot.
  • Missing strings for BE popup for alternate languages, set to English while translations are being done.
  • Reduced dispersion of FNX45 (from 0.05 to 0.03)
  • Balanced stomach capacity,
  • Added stuffed notifier (instead of sickness when full up)
  • Eating and drinking animations properly set for tablets/disinfectants
  • Version number in server browser and details
  • Saline transfusion doesn't refill full blood
  • Charcoal and Tetracycline tablets won't give sick badge if you aren't actually sick
  • Player aim run speed updated, weapon position changed and improved for first person view
  • Glitches on right hand while moving and while giving taunt fixed
  • Players can't pile backpacks inside of another backpacks, backpack-inception style. You can only put one backpack inside of another backpack if the backpack that is being put inside is empty.
  • Magnum speedloader should be spawning now
  • Number of backpacks spawning lowered
  • Number of .357 Pythons spawning lowered.
  • Number of M4A1s spawning lowered
  • Dead character cleanup performed at 10 minutes past death
  • Removed scripted server teleporting check as now managed by engine
  • Sea ambient sound is now slightly quieter
  • Animation: Fixed misc issues with vaulting
  • Animation: Fixed getting on the ladder from kneel for the armed player
  • Animation: Fixed animation speed for unarmed player in main menu
  • Animation: Fixed an issue with changing weapon while aiming in kneel
  • Animation: Fixed an issue with rotation while aiming in prone
  • Headtorch color descriptions fixed
  • Jeans descriptions (color) fixed
  • Cargo pants description fixed (color)
  • Chest holster description added
  • Using an item in your hand no longer goes out of hand once action done
  • Using an item while something else in your hand will go back to that item once action done
  • Security issue with IGUI variable compiling
  • Situation where player used item on other players inventory causing neverending looped item check
  • Weapons now display tooltips
  • Players can now be revived with the defibrillator
  • Clipping on right hand when holding an item and pressing F1 (Greeting).
  • Map_ChernarusSW description fixed
  • SKS rifle description added
  • UI: Editable character name in main menu
  • UI: Hive, mode and time columns in server browser
  • Database: Support for sub hives. (Sub-private, Hardcore/Regular public)
  • Security: Signature verification against PBOs
  • Loot: Added shotgun speedloader into loot spawns
  • Loot: Added box of 20 pieces .357 rounds into loot spawns
  • Loot: Added color variants of all shoes into loot spawns
  • Loot: Added Hiking pants (both long and short ones) and Canvas pants including their color variants into loot spawns
  • Loot: Added hacksaw into the loot spawns
  • Loot: Added shotgun into loot spawns
  • Action: Players can now collect Berries as food
  • Loot: Added Hacksaw into loot spawns
  • Crafting: Players can create sawed-off shotgun from shotgun
  • Crafting: Players can opening cans with a hacksaw
  • Crafting: Painting Mosin with spraypoint now supported
  • Loot: Added spraypaint can into loot spawns
  • Map: Coastal harbor town of Svetloyarsk (and surrounding areas)
  • Animation: More direct transitions for aimed weapon(prone to stand/kneel and back)
  • Animation: Surrender now disarms player for single handed items
  • Loot: Pipsi, NotaCola, Spite and Rasputin Kvass drinks
  • Action: Burlap sack can be placed on head of self or target
  • Action: Burlap sack causes black screen and reduced sound when worn on head
  • Performance: Server Performance improvements
  • Zombies: Six new zombie soldier types
  • Crafting: Weapon cleaning kit used for keeping your guns in good shape
  • Loot: Shotgun snap-loader for fast reloads
  • Crafting: Player can spraypaint MP handguard and buttstock
  • Crafting: Support for "add paint" or "repaint" for spraypainting
  • Crafting: Player can spraypaint CMAG magazines
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Hotfix: 6 January 2014

  • Server: Dedicated Server crash related to memory cleanup
  • Server: Player location rubberbanding
  • Critical Security Vulnerability fixes
Note: This is a hotfix to address several key issues, and thus is focused on specifically those issues.
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Update: 5 January 2014

  • Design: Balancing of player spawns (ongoing)
  • Server: Dead player cleanup (time based)
  • Design: M9130 Bayonet can now open cans
  • Server: BattlEye Anti-Cheat (Client as well)
  • Server: Initial implementation for Sub-Private Hives (ongoing)
  • Server: Initial implementation for regular & hardcore Public Hive
  • Server: Dedicated Server crash related to player skeleton
  • Server: Player location rubberbanding (ongoing)
  • Server: Large delay in item manipulation and "inventory tetris"
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Update: 31 December 2013 - 1 January 2014

  • Design: Balancing of player spawns (ongoing)
  • Server: Enhanced Server-side security & customization options
  • Design: .357 Magnum Speedloader should now spawn
  • Server: First Person only servers are now supported (Seperate Hive coming later on)
  • Design: Player corpses should no longer despawn upon disconnect
  • Server: Respawning should now function properly - in some cases you may have to wait a few seconds. (during high death/respawn times)
  • Design: 357 Magnum spawning fixed
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Update: 19 - 20 December 2013

  • Config: added anim hooks for zombie feeding(should allow for zombie to deal damage to unconscious players)
  • Config: greeting with 2 handed weapon now possible without disarming
  • UI: Inspect option in the inventory screen (shows item in 3D, draft system only)
  • Engine: Servers with incompatible version marked in the server browser
  • Engine: The „Player uses modified data“ message is removed from CHAT
  • Design: you can craft splint and fix broken limbs with it
  • Design: players who disconnect when unconscious will die
  • Design: players who disconnect when restrained will die
  • New weapon: Magnum .357 Revolver + ammo
  • Config: removed a small delay before the animation for un-shouldering a weapon starts playing when changing weapons (kneel and prone)
  • Config: fix a minor issue with one handed items not being correctly placed in right hand for a surrender transition
  • Config: m4 bolt and magazine animation improved
  • Config: adjusted collision shape for armed player(should fix occasional issues going up stairs)
  • Config: fixed an issue where unshouldering/shouldering weapon while moving forward caused the player to stop
  • Animations: Sprint updated (Unarmed) - Unarmed sprint faster now
  • Animations: Mosin Nagant Reload - Hand doesn't clip into scope when opening and closing bolt after each shot, weapon more stable now
  • UI: Early Access warning dialogue
  • Engine: Fix of players being able to talk globally when dead through Direct Chat
  • Design: damage is transferred from closed can to open one
  • Design: licking a battery now displays the battery's state properly
  • Design: wooden sticks model fits inventory slots better now
  • Crash: Occurs when pushing details twice on MP server browser
  • Engine: Updated rain texture with refraction
  • Design: Player blood and health not regenerating naturally
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Update: 18 December 2013

  • Animation transitions - Restrained, Prone Rifle
  • Greetings - Hand Position adjusted
  • Fixed several floating loot issues in buildings without floor geometry
  • fix for force feed/drink/consume medicine other players
  • sharp objects open food cans (not working previously)
  • disabled reloading animation after mosin shot as it was preventing seeing fall of shot (temporary until new anim)
  • Various 'critical' security updates
  • Improved the visual quality of rain
  • 357 Magnum animations implemented (magnum not yet enabled)
  • you can measure whether is a battery fully charged, half charged or empty by licking it (not working, delayed until next build)
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Update: 17 December 2013

  • Drinking directly from wells now works
  • headwear descriptions updated
  • pants descriptions updated
  • increased battery drain by flashlight
  • bandaging cannot fix broken leg now
  • server browser shows internet tab as selected out of the box
  • fixed modifier messages, one message type per stage
  • Workshop: lowered moto helmets spawn probability. removed old proxies, replaced with memory points
  • Reduced level at which player becomes permanently unconscious
  • Increased rate players recover from shock damage
  • Internet set to default tab for multiplayer server browsing
  • improved responsiveness when side-stepping from left to right/right to left
  • disabled head movement for unconscious states
  • adjusted head bob for select animations
  • Various security related measures
  • Tweaked the tenement buildings (small and big) for spawns on the roof
  • improved transitions for restrained player
  • Removed old proxies and replaced them with memory points and new loot spawn in sheds
  • enabled step blending with raised rifle for better responsiveness
  • Roadway LOD issue fixed that caused floating loot for some buildings
  • Temporary status indicators for state of player in the inventory screen (thirsty, sickness, hunger, etc...)
  • force feed other players
  • Rain updated - it should better correspond with the rest of scene by adding the refraction effect
  • New variations for main menu (Unarmed) added
  • Greeting animations for all stances to be replaced (Now with left hand to avoid issues when holding items)
  • Magnum hand IK
  • Opening cans with sharp tools
  • Dot crosshair
  • Damaging knife, screwdriver and bayonet used for opening cans
  • Loot array (with respective type of meat) added to animals configs and new types of meat added to food configs (ANIMALS DISABLED)
Central server
  • fixed performance issues on character creation and saving
  • fixed character creation record override
  • increased server response time and performance
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113734 (Inital release)

Alpha release: 16 December 2013

  • This is the initial release version of the DayZ early access alpha.
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