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The Chernarus Police or Politsiya (Police), previously known as the Militsiya prior to its name change at an unknown date, was a pre-outbreak organisation of the Chernarussian Government. It is a successor of the Soviet Militsiya, however the name change could be a mistake on the developer's part, as the Chernarussian Militsiya in Arma 2 were never referred to as the "Politsiya." The name change may also imply that it was intentionally changed just after the Chernarussian Civil War of 2009. Inclusive of the police was a special unit called OREL, a likely successor of the Soviet OMON. The Chernarussian OREL uniforms share the exact same "tiger stripe" or "Kamush" camouflage pattern that originated from Russia in 1993, and is still in use by Russia's OMON forces.

Facilities[ | ]

The Chernarus Police Department has stations throughout South Zagoria before the outbreak, as seen by smaller village stations and larger city stations. Certain industrial and private areas may also contain smaller police guardhouses as security outposts. In addition many police cars can be found around those stations or abandoned on the streets.

Equipment[ | ]

Police loot is valuable early-game, as it can provide the player with a (potentially automatic) firearm while still on the coast. Police stations and cars are very likely to spawn weapons, vests and other useful loot.

Standard issue clothing[ | ]

 Note: The Tactical Vest is not considered police loot, though is clearly marked with 'полиция' (Police) on the back.

OREL Special Force[ | ]

Firearms[ | ]

Note: The SG5-K is not considered police loot, however its attachments do spawn in police environments.

These firearms were likely used by the Chernarus Police pre-outbreak. The Telescopic Baton and Police Baton were also part of their equipment, though are no longer spawning.

Prisoner Uniform[ | ]

Although not worn by the police themselves, these items were worn by their prisoners and were issued by the CPD.

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