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In the name of freedom, equality and brotherhood of nations of the Fatherland, we swear to fight for the freedom and independence of the Republic of Chernarus.
~ From the Oath of Enlistment of CDF[1]

In the name of freedom, equality and brotherhood of nations of the Fatherland, we swear to fight for the freedom and independence of the Republic of Chernarus.From the Oath of Enlistment of CDF[2]

The Chernarussian Defence Forces (CDF) are the combined military forces of the Republic of Chernarus. While clearly overwhelmed and brought down by the Infected outbreak, much of the equipment from the force remain intact and usable, all highly sought after by the Survivors that are in the country.

The Chernarussian Defence Forces should not be confused with the Russian Armed Forces, although both Armed Forces of the respected countries are successors of the Armed Forces of the USSR. The CDF ground forces inherited multiple traditions and equipment choices from the Soviet Army after the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, including the various military bases constructed during the Soviet era.

General[ | ]

Before the outbreak[ | ]

The Chernarussian Defence Forces (CDF) were formed right after the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991, to defend to the newly independent Republic. The armed forces acquired nearly all Soviet assets in the country, including all the accessible military bases and weapon stockpiles.

In Autumn 2009, the CDF was involved in a bloody civil war against the opposed communist separatists and a close call shootout with the Russian Armed Forces. The newly formed communist political party was known as the Chernarussian Movement of the Red Star, also known as the Chedaki by the local populous. After ensuing chaos since the staged bombing in Moscow, the Russian government was completely unaware of the ruse conducted by the Chedaki in which they successfully defaced the credibility and status of the Chernarussian Nationalists by painting them as the perpetrators of the bombing, which successfully tricked the Russian government into believing the nationalists were responsible for the terrorist attack. After many months of civil war without resolution, the country sought help from NATO armies to fight alongside as the Chedaki claimed most of South Zagoria, which is what led to the presence of Western and UN equipment in the area. Lack of readiness and continued fighting, left the army with no control of the expanding communist forces forcing them to retreat.

Post-Outbreak[ | ]

At some point after (or during) the civil war, an infection rapidly spread throughout Chernarus. The CDF made many attempts to contain and destroy the outbreak. They evacuated the cities of Chernarus, set up military camps, bombed cities, and set up roadblocks. But, even with these attempts, they were clearly overwhelmed by the Infected. Their soldiers either fled to the forest or became Infected themselves. With most of their soldiers dead by then, the CDF fell back or was completely destroyed. Now, many Weapons, Equipment and Vehicles remain throughout the landscape of Chernarus, mostly in a damaged, but often in a repairable state. Because of this, military equipment is some of the most sought after loot in the game, frequently used by Survivors and Bandits alike.

Recruitment[ | ]

The CDF was also recruiting from the local population in Chernarus and had recruitment ads in some cities.

Facilities[ | ]

Here are all the currently known Military installations in South Zagoria:

Military Installations[]

Military Bases[]

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Military Camps[]

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Other Facilities[]

Equipment[ | ]

The Chernarussian Defence Forces have a wide variety of equipment in their bases and camps, although it is unknown exactly how much of it was used by them.

Combat Uniform[ | ]

This uniform is probably a direct copy from its Russian counterpart.

Patrol Uniform[ | ]

This uniform was named after the unit stationed at Gorka before Beta 0.63. It is based on a real life uniform of the same name.

Tanker Uniform[ | ]

Pilot Uniform[ | ]

Soviet Uniform[ | ]

After the dissolution of the USSR in 1991, Soviet Army uniforms and hats were still worn by the CDF until new uniforms and insignia could be manufactured. The only remnants of the soviet past that can be found in Chernarus are the Pilotka and the officer's peaked cap.

Trivia[ | ]

  • The Flag of the Chernarussian Defence Forces is likely inspired by the Flag of the city of Prague, given the identical style and almost identical colors.
  • The military bases and airfields were built during the Cold War under Soviet rule.

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References[ | ]

  • ^ Based on Chernarussian Defence Forces info from Arma2.