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Note: this page covers the Standalone version of DayZ; for information on the Mod, see Mod:Chernogorsk.

Chernogorsk (Russian: Черногорск, translated as "Black Hill") is a major town located on the shores of Black Bay on the coast of South Zagoria, Chernarus, between Miroslavl' to the west and Elektrozavodsk to the east. Chernogorsk was the regional capital of South Zagoria prior to the outbreak, providing infrastructure and services to many of its neighbouring settlements.

General[ | ]

History[ | ]

Once a small fishing village on the coast of the Green Sea, Chernogorsk rapidly expanded and industrialised in the 1950s under the rule of the Chernarussian ASSR - this period of rapid expansion is embodied in the streets of central Chernogorsk and its suburbs of Vysotovo, Novoselki and Dubovo, with the town hall, townhouses and apartment blocks all clearly influenced by Soviet-era Stalinist architecture.

Chernogorsk has always been a harbour town - historically focusing on facilitating trade with the north, more latterly the town has morphed into a regional hub for the export and import of raw materials and goods, with the manufacturing town of Elektrozavodsk benefitting greatly from this arrangement.[1]

Since the outbreak, the town's populace has succumbed to the virus and it's apartment buildings and factories have since been long abandoned, with swarms of infected replacing law and order. The town's large size and abundance of loot makes it a target for scavengers.

Layout[ | ]

The town has a giant factory complex adjoining the town center, a remarkable town hall, and a partially destroyed hotel built near the town center, in addition to the usual hospital, police station and fire station expected of a town this size. It boasts many unique buildings and scenes that stick out from the rest of Chernarus, some of these being the round abouts, which are not present anywhere else in chernarus, as well as its large hotel, which lays in a state of disrepair, thanks to what appears to be a civilian passenger air craft, which has crashed into the higher, in accessable stories of the building. the town is most well known for its size, and driving vehicles through here can be quite challenging, whether it be from the high lag spikes particularly on console, or the abandoned car wrecks and makeshift road blocks and military checkpoints. Chernogorsk is one of the first cities survivors will encounter when they start playing dayz, as it has some of the largest frequencies of spawns in all of Chernarus.

During the outbreak, a small military camp was set up near the industrial district of the town.

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Trivia[ | ]

  • The name "Chernogorsk" derives from "Black Hill" in Russian. In real life there is a town with same name in the Republic of Khakassia, Russia. Population: 77,397. The real Chernogorsk has a very similar entrance sign to DayZ's. Unlike DayZ's Chernogorsk, which is a coastal town, the real Chernogorsk is a landlocked town.
  • ^ The history section in part is based on the fictional history of Chernarus, that has been the setting for both ARMA II and DayZ Mod. Based on the assumption that DayZ takes place in a branching timeline after the events of ARMA II.

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