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"Black Hill"
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A View of Chernogorsk
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Large City

Note: this page covers the Standalone version of DayZ; for information on the Mod, see Mod:Chernogorsk.

Chernogorsk (pronunciation), or "Cherno" for short, is a large industrialized city located on the southern coast of Chernarus, between Balota and Elektrozavodsk. Chernogorsk was a regional administrative center that provided infrastructure and services to many of the surrounding communities.


Originally a small fisherman's village situated on Black Bay, the city became heavily industrialized by the investments of the Chernarussian Autonomic Republic, which began in the 50s of the previous century.[1] The heavy industrialization is reflected in the fast-engineered infrastructure and generic apartment block style housing developments, which expanded beyond Chernogorsk proper into several adjoining suburb areas (Vysotovo, Dubovo, and Novoselki).

Chernogorsk has always been a harbor town. Once connected to northern trade routes by means of coastal railroad, it became a reliable transport hub for raw materials flow to Elektrozavodsk and other industrial centers the country's infrastructure previously couldn't support.[2]

The city has a giant factory complex adjoining the city center, a remarkable City Hall constructed 1955, and a relic of a famous hotel built near victory square.[3] It has a Hospital, a Police Station, a Fire Station, and several places of worship in its vicinity.

During the outbreak, a small military camp was set up near the industrial district of the city.

Buildings of Interest[]

After the Outbreak[]

Since the outbreak, the city populace has succumbed to the virus and its apartment buildings and abandoned factories are now infested with Infected. The city's large size and abundance of loot make it a target for scavengers. It is one of the most populated places on the map and, as such, is a risky place for newly spawned players. Snipers will often hide on rooftops or on the hills north of the city and attack unwitting players due to the high traffic through the area.

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  • In pervious versions, an Engraved Kolt 1911 could be found at the Old Cherno evac site. This was the only place it could be found.
  • The name "Chernogorsk" derives from "Black Hill" in Russian. In real life there is a town with same name in the Republic of Khakassia, Russia. Population: 77,397. The real Chernogorsk has a very similar entrance sign to DayZ's. Unlike DayZ's Chernogorsk, which is a coastal town, the real Chernogorsk is a landlocked town.
  • ^ The history section in part is based on the fictional history of Chernarus, that has been the setting for both ARMA II and DayZ Mod. Based on the assumption that DayZ takes place in a branching timeline after the events of ARMA II.