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This article refers to the Chernarus terrain only. For the Livonia variant, see Livonia:Churches.

Note: this page covers the Standalone version of DayZ; for information on the Mod, see Mod:Churches.

Churches were Christian places of worship around Chernarus. They are usually found in towns and large cities, and vary in size and loot diversity.


Being a country whose faith rests primarily in Eastern Orthodox Christianity, their Russian-influenced churches are visibly characterised by their conservative design and bulbous, onion-shaped tops and domes. The larger churches are also very tall in height, making them very easy to find throughout Chernarus.

Church Locations[]

Large White Orthodox Church Locations[]

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White Orthodox Church Locations[]

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Yellow Orthodox Church Locations[]

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Chapel Locations[]

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Chapels are small-scale buildings dotted across the Chernarussian landscape that likely acted as local, open places of worship and shelter to hamlets and villages. Found in every corner of the map, some notable locations are: