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This article is a stub. You can help DayZ Wiki by expanding it.

Category Weapons > Melee
Type Blade
Repairable With Sharpening Stone
Size 2x3 (6 Slots)
Weight 500 g (1.1 lb)
Fragility Unknown
Absorbency Unknown
Type Normal Heavy
Health 15 25
Blood 100 100
Shock 20 27
Standing Sprinting
Range 1.4 3.3
Bleed Chance 100%
Locations Town, Village
Rarity Common
A big, heavy, sharp knife. Designed to slash through thick raw meat. It can also crack bones easily. Mostly used by butchers. — In-game description

The Cleaver is bladed melee weapon in DayZ.

The Cleaver is a large, one-handed, square-shaped knife. It is typically found in residential areas and among early players seeking a bladed tool for basic tasks, mainly defense. In this regard, the Cleaver preforms at an average pace but lags behind in attack time.

The Cleaver consumes more inventory spaces than other knives like the Kitchen Knife or Steak Knife while providing much of the same characteristics, and as a result it is often discarded by players when more suitable options become available.

Uses[ | ]

Action Details
Cut Rags Cut various articles of clothing into rags
Open Can Open canned food. Spills 10% - 35% of the food
Harvest Sticks Chop down shrubs and bushes for sticks
Cut Bark Cut bark from trees
Remove Restraints Remove certain types of restraints from players
Shave Remove facial hair
Dig up worms Dig up earthworms from the ground.
Skinning Skin and quarter dead animals or players for meats, pelts and other resources

Notes[ | ]