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Common Cold
Disease Icon
Type Disease
Symptoms Sneezing
Causes Being cold,
Contact with an infected Survivor,
Consuming items contaminated with the cold
Prevention Avoid low body temperature and contact with infected Survivor
Treatment Multivitamin Pills, Tetracycline Pills, Immune System

The Common Cold, often referred to as a cold, is an infectious disease in DayZ.

Cause[ | ]

Survivors can become spontaneously infected with the Common Cold when their body temperature is low. Whenever the thermometer stat icon on the HUD is blue, there's a chance of catching it.

The overall probability of getting infected is 40% for every hour the survivor is cold. This translates to 8% for 10 minutes, and 0.85% for one minute for example. In other words, depending on their luck, one could be hypothermic for hours and never get sick, or catch the disease in only a few seconds.

After a player becomes infected by this random chance, the Common Cold will incubate for 5 minutes before the symptoms and virus icon indicating a sickness will appear on the HUD. But if the survivor's Immune System is strong enough, the festering Cold will be defeated in about 3 minutes. Either way, during this time period, the carrier will unknowingly pass the disease to any water they drink, food they eat, and blood that's collected from them.

Once a person carries the disease, it can spread to other survivors through shared food, water and blood, or by sneezing if the carrier has become symptomatic.

Symptoms[ | ]

Sneezing is the only symptom of the Common Cold. It can spread the infection to other Survivors closer than 3 metres (10 feet).

It isn't a debilitating disease like Cholera or Wound Infection, but the sneezing of the survivor can alert other survivors to their position, making this disease relatively risky when entering a city that happens to be having high traffic.

When the Common Cold is left untreated, it will keep progressing and will be accompanied with Influenza within 15 minutes.

Prevention[ | ]

Avoiding survivors infected with the Common Cold is recommended because the sneezing can spread the disease to anyone within 3 metres (10 feet). If the adequate distance can't be kept, both parties should wear protective headwear or masks.

The following clothing will offer a full or partial protection against the infection: Burlap sack (on the head), Motorbike Helmet, Welding Mask, any gasmask, Dust Mask, Balaclava, Ski Mask, Surgical Mask, Mime Mask, OKZK Cap, Winter Coif.

Avoiding sharing any partially eaten food or drinks with a sick survivor. This applies to the survivor themself after they've recovered from the Cold, because their own items can cause a reinfection when consumed. The contaminated water can be treated with Chlorine Tablets or by boiling. Emptying the water container will also clear out any diseases.

Staying warm as well as maintaining high Immune System strength.

If your character is cold, Multivitamin Pills and Tetracycline Pills may be used as a preventive treatment against the Common Cold.

Treatment[ | ]

Tetracycline Pills and Multivitamin Pills will kill off the infection. This may take one or more consecutive pills, which should be taken every time immediately after the previous one has worn off, otherwise the Cold will get a chance to start progressing again. Both pills taken simultaneously will allow a faster and more efficient recovery than when used separately.

The survivor can also fight off the Cold through their natural Immune System by raising their Energy, Water, Blood and Health stats high enough.

It's worth noting that the sickness icon on the HUD will disappear before the disease is actually fully gone from the survivor's body. For this reason it's recommended to take one more Tetracycline or Multivitamin pill, if they seem to wear off shortly after the sickness icon. This will ensure the Cold will be entirely cleared.

Trivia[ | ]

  • The Common Cold and Influenza are the two stages of the same disease. Once the Common Cold progresses to Influenza, the survivor will have the both diseases active at the same time.
  • The Cold is so highly infectious that it has a 100% chance of transmitting to any consumed food or water item. This is possibly the most common reason for recurring infections.