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Community Maps - custom terrains, made by various authors for the DayZ that are available as mods through Steam Workshop. Some authors may host their own official server for their map project - but do not confuse them with Public servers. Custom maps are playable only on Private servers and they are not supported by the Bohemia Interactive, so they do not represent the original gameplay and content quality. Additionally, they also often include custom assets or gameplay mechanics together with the map files.

Examples[ | ]

List of the most popular community maps
Map name (launcher name) Mod name Inspired by
Alteria Alteria Official (Experimental - Dev Build) Greece
Anastara Anastara n/a
Antoria Antoria England
Area of Decay (Dz_map/Exclusionzone) S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Area Of Decay Map S.T.A.L.K.E.R. universe
Arsteinen Arsteinen Norway
Banov Banov Slovakia
Bitterroot Bitterroot USA
Chiemsee Chiemsee Germany
Deer Isle (deerisle) DeerIsle USA
Esseker Esseker n/a
Heart of Moscow (Metromap) Metro - HOM - Map Metro 2033 universe
Iztek Iztek Sweden
Melkart Melkart_Official Canada
Namalsk Namalsk Island Norway/Russia
NH Chernobyl (Nhchernobyl) STALKER NewHorizon ChernobylZone Ukraine
Nyheim Nyheim Fictional
Pripyat PripyatGamma Ukraine
Rostow replaced by Sarov Ukraine
Sarov Sarov Map (Rostow remake)
Takistan Takistan Made by BI for Arma, ported to DayZ
Takistan (Takistanplus) TakistanPlus Afghanistan
Utes Utes Made by BI for Arma, ported to DayZ
Valning Valning Map France, Germany
Yiprit Yiprit n/a